What can you do to start enjoying the exercise process instead of it feeling like a punishment?

Chiara S.
Try a new type of exercise like hiking, swimming, dancing.

Also, try looking at responsibilities like working in the yard, running upstairs for things you forget, taking out the trash, as exercise. Move intentionally, with energy, good body alignment and an engaged core. Then, you can be excited about every movement, even the not always fun stuff, being an opportunity to bring vitality to your your muscles.

Rodney W.
One fairly easy thing I do to make exercising more enjoyable is listening to upbeat music. I have a playlist that update regularly so I have music ready to go that’ll keep me motivated and energized throughout my workout. Anything I try to do is steer clear of workouts I really don’t enjoy.
Ed C.
Try several different options for exercise – perhaps something low-impact like a yoga flow will ease you out of bed, or perhaps a HIIT blast will get you feeling pumped for the day in 10 minutes. Or you might want to go outside for a brisk walk or gentle jog to get some air into your lungs. Personally, I like a YouTube workout routine first thing so I don't have to think about it, and I choose an instructor who puts a smile on my face.
Elina O.
I’m not sure I have the best answer but what always helps me is finding a workout that I enjoy. If running isn’t your thing try dancing, if that doesn’t work try Pilates or yoga or boxing, etc. The possibilities are endless, as long as your moving your doing something good for yourself so I say try different types of workouts so that you can begin to enjoy it 🙂
Mia S.
Your body releases endorphins at the end of exercise. At the end of the session remember, that if you did that same workout again in a couple of days it will be easier than it just was. That growth is something to be proud of.
Samir Z.
I don’t force myself to exercise. I also have a limiting ability to exercise but when I do yoga, I make sure that it’s something I do want to do for me, my body, and I. If I wake up and drink water and I’m feeling very low and feel like I’m not going to be able to enjoy it or feel weak, I take a minute and really think about the consequence that will have on my day. Most of the time if I can’t do it in the morning because of my mood, my pain, or simply because I wasn’t going to enjoy it, I set up my mat, my iPad, and yoga blocks out and do small amount of exercise throughout my day, which is something I enjoy doing. It keeps me motivated and going. I hope this helps but also maybe write down why you’re doing exercise – the motive behind it usually helps too.
Maria N.
Start by doing something you enjoy and then push the intensity of that over time. If you like walking, go walking for 20 minutes and add 10 minutes the next time you go, and the next time, until you get to 60 minutes. Then add 5 minutes of running the next time, and 5 more the time after that. As you get stronger and healthier you’ll be able to do more and you’ll want to do more! If you push yourself too hard too fast you won’t want to keep doing it. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, do what exercises are best for you at the place you’re at.
Ray Y.
Well what I do is I treat myself afterwords and I would say if I exercise today I will go to my favorite ice cream place or I would listen to a podcast by Oprah or I would listen to my favorite song
Keira X.
Experiment! Find something you love doing. It took a few tries for me, but I finally figured out running, yoga, and lifting was my thing. I've started and quit everything I didnt like (everything from fitness classes to at home workout apps), but once I found the thing I liked, I found myself looking forward to my workout-even if it meant waking up early!