I’m often quite tired as I work long hours, does anyone have any things that keep them motivated and positive?

Margarita X.
Going for a stroll does wonders! Even if it’s just for 10mins.. if this seems impossible, then a good 10min stretch would do the job! Very invigorating
Pamela Z.
Regularly drinking water, remembering to eat, and listening to music on breaks can really help. If you get your body moving in a positive way – like dancing to your favorite song it can really help! I work 10-11 he days myself, I hope this helps!
Mina C.
How about giving yourself some treats? Or do the things you need to do but in a more fun way. For example, I iron, do the sink or fold the laundry while watching a comedy. I cook while listening a podcast or an audiobook.
Judith A.
For me, I always turn to music. I always have a motivating/happy playlist for whenever i needs a boost of motivation. Other things I do is draw, however that’s one of MY main hobbies so that may just apply to me and other artists.
Alberto U.
I try to practice mindfulness throughout the workday, especially when I'm feeling restless or stressed. This helps to ward off that inner critic. I also get up and walk to a colleague to have a casual chat – it's surprisingly nourishing. I don't have a 'to do' list at work or home. I call it an 'achievement list' instead. Small achievable goals go on that, and I get a lot of satisfaction from ticking them off. I also have a gratitude journal I try to write in everyday. It's great. Hope this helps
Storm W.
As being a chef standing on my feet for 12 hours a day I completely understand! I know everyone says this but they do because it works, you just need to get started, put your cloths on get your shoes on and just start. Some days you'll start and you still will find it hard, take those days and take note of how you feel, think about what you did the night before.
But for most of it, once you get past the first few minutes you wont stop, you'll start thinking about why your doing this or you just wont think at all!
Note – on days where your just not feeling it dont try and do a weights workout, at least with cardio you can just jog or sit on a bike and get it done, with weights it's easier to just give up instead of completing it
Valeria N.
Motivation is in the moment. It’s good to have motivation and for a more effective result I suggest you create a structure Around stamina and discipline in that you want to accomplish