How do you make time in the morning to exercise?

Irene P.
I have lots of free time in the morning in this period, but I if don't have much time, I would probably wake up early to make some room for it.
Magnus N.
I’ve found just getting up and doing it is the only way to guarantee that I do it. If I leave it for the afternoon or after work I find an excuse not to. I pick out my outfit the night before, pack a bag with clothes and toiletries so I can be ready to walk out the door and get it done.
Tilde F.
I don’t often make time in the morning I find the evening easier due to school work and all that jaz I’ll put some music on and I always play the same playlist so my brain associates the songs with working out
Autumn T.
I tend to wake up earlier to make the time; later in the day after working all day, I just don't have the energy to exercise. My health is a priority, so I make an extra 30 minutes just to focus on exercise in the morning.
Francesca N.
I make a morning plan. When I have more free time I exercise for longer, and if I don’t have much time, I exercise for one or few minutes. For me is important to never skip it, no matter the amount of time.
Daniel S.
I remind myself why I started: to be in good shape functionally. I make it top priority if I didn’t have had time in the last 2 days.
Priam A.
It doesn't take much time to get in a simple routine. On days I'm planning a longer workout I just do it in the afternoon 😅
Kadeem E.
By the habits I've created from drinking water each morning as soon as i wake up, my mind has been conditioned to wake earlier in the days than before by about 2/3hrs. So I find the time. Plus, drinking water first thing really wakes the body up so I'm not lazy or sluggish to get going. I don't check social media first thing and the consistency of drinking water/working out keeps me going. Some mornings I skip the routine but I try to do it in the evening or just do it another day, which simply means I'm not hard on myself.
Dn Y.
I wake up at 5:30, drink water to wake myself up. I'll take some vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, and ashwaghanda. I'll have a SAD lamp on to wake myself up. Then I'll put on my gym clothes and step outside. My gym is nearby. I'll keep the workout to less than an hour because it is more feasible
Maddie R.
Fitting things in during your morning routine can be challenging. Initially, I was discouraged by how many people I looked up to just immediately got up and exercised. No breakfast, no cup of tea to settle down with, just go. It would be easy to fit it in if you could just be up and over with it. No procrastination. But waking up slowly has always been an integral part of my mental health care, and removing that piece was never an option. Instead, I figured out that working out after fully waking up, after that cup of tea, and delicious breakfast truly motivated me to exercise. I started small at 10 minutes, and gradually progressed into longer sessions. I didn't believe I could fit exercise into my morning routine because of how slowly I need to wake up, but once I got in the habit of getting ready to exercise just after my food had settled, and the morning NPR wrapped up, I was ready to start my exercise for the day.
Marissa W.
I've been doing the Fabulous 1-minute exercise on weekdays and the 7-minute on the weekends. Even just the 1- minute helps get me going in the morning.
Rosa W.
I usually exercise before I start for the day. I am definitely not a morning person but I do like waking up early in the morning just to go for a walk first. This does feel good. At that time, not everyone is awake, the hustle and bustle of the world has not begun yet. A bit of quiet time, fresh cold morning breeze, and whole lot of quiet time to be with my thoughts. Do not let this time to be occupied by your phone. I know those workout playlists, those podcasts sounds fun but putting your phone down feels much better. You do not necessarily have to have a workout routine planned out that makes you sweat drastically but a little movement will do too. Find out what works for you.
Basma M.
I have a plan for myself. I noch when i want to waren up want i want to reach for the day its Like a to do list but i put an amount of time to get my Routine completly done.
S F.
It is not nessecarry to do it in the morning. Do it whenever you get the time. 5-10 mins are enough if you are a beginner or a busy person. I personally am quite busy too but I take 5-10 mins out of my day to excersice. If you are excersicing after a long time like most of us are in the quarantine then do it 3 times a week. Do it like this: excersice Monday then rest for two days then excersice Thursday then rest two day then do it on Sunday. You can change the days but remember 2 days of rest in between cause when you are just starting out it will pain and you will need 2 days to recover. Do low inseiry excersiced (simple excersises) and for the first three weeks don't excersice for more than 5-8 mins
You only need 5-10 mins to excersice. See when you can afford to excersice. I wish you success and stay happy in life. A random person
Becky F.
It was a big change at first because my whole life I woke up 20-30 minutes before I had to leave the house. I was always rushed and unorganized not to mention not fully awake. Fabulous has taught me to take the extra time in the morning to prepare for the day .. physically, mentally, and emotionally. I now wake up 2hours before I have to leave. This is when I do my meditation, stretching, and exercise. It’s weird bc by Doing this I have so much more energy throughout the day. Hope this helps
Pritpal F.
I make it short so that it's easy to complete, and I do it the first thing after drinking water. I have a routine I'll default to, so I don't have to think about what I'm going to do unless I want to jazz it up. I try to make it require as little thinking as possible. And I always put on music I like to help me along
Oscar D.
It's been really easy, since i work from home now. Before the pandemic, i would combine rest time with excercise time, so i could kill two birds in one shot. I would watch some netflix while doing reps
Alex J.
I committed to getting up with my first alarm instead of snoozing for 15 minutes. That gives me about 10 minutes to workout before I leave for work (more if I stay focused and hustle through my morning routine). I also focused on getting “just” 10 minutes, rather than 20 or 30. In the past, 10 minutes never seemed like enough. Now I realize that 10 minutes every day is better than nothing at all.
Anita N.
I don't think of morning exercise as something I have to do but as something I like doing. It starts by going to bed as early as possible. I don't need to sleep straight away, I can sit and read until I am ready. Then I set my alarm at 6 every morning and I always lay out my clothes the night before so they are easy to get into and then I pick a walking route that is beautiful, listen to some music and walk around and relax into it. Little by little I find I walk further and further and now my morning walk is a joy
Emilia Z.
By using a 7-minute exercise app. As soon as I wake up I drink my water, then take out my yoga mat and do the exercises in my pyjamas to eliminate obstacles
Tjshana F.
Every morning I wake up at 6 am and the first thing I do after breakfast is head to the gym. I do this because it sets the mood for the day and gets me up and out the house.
Once I get that in I can now feel motivated to get my work in as I get back and plan for the rest of the day.
I generally advise that waking up earlier really gets your day going earlier so that you can fit in exercise and be able to complete the other tasks for the day.
Ryan O.
I generally just do enough to get my blood flowing. And I do it right by my bed, to reduce the barriers to doing it. Two sets of 25 push-ups is often enough.
Julia N.
I wake up and make my bed and put on some meditation music which helps me to exercise to make me feel good about myself and more productive
Afrisionna P.
I do my exercise before my classes in the morning and after I drop my boy to school .20mins of yoga and 5mins of cardio. I feel better for my day
Maggie Z.
I exercise with a timeline in mind and do timed workouts From an app. So I then have a set time within my morning routine. I also plan my workout clothing and prep my space from the night before all setting me up to look forward to moving my body !
Maddie U.
I associated it with something that is already a part of my morning routine, so I extend my morning routine by 30mins and the existing habit is a reminder to do some exercise. I also find exercises that I can do when I don't have a full half hour, like a quick 7min workout or a morning walk around the block