What can motivate you to ensure you won’t quit while getting started?

Amelia W.
You can motivate yourself by promising you will get something e.g promising yourself you will play computer games if you do the task or giving yourself a punishment for failure e.g you will have to do extra push ups in your morning routine the next day.
Alice Z.
I like to set my goals in a place where I will see them frequently. Put it up as my social media status. Use a browser extension to remind me whenever I open a new tab. Put up a sticky note. That way if I start to drift, I can have these reminders to say, "Hey, are you still working on this?"
Mocanu Z.
I am motivated by the fact of not returning to old habits and vices that are not good for me. I am also motivated by the idea of ​​taking on the process and not giving up.