How do you start running in the winter when it is cold? Any alternative to it?

Na L O.
Running in place, in the comfort of your own home is a effective alternative. Especially when used regularly and consistently. Even 1 minute of running in place on you worst day is better than no action at all.
Emily C.
If i layer up and feel warm I am happy to run. Just seeing your breath and taking in the crisp air is exhilarating. View it as going to the Art Museum taking in the different shades of browns and grays. Listen to sounds you dont hear in the summer and think about those you dont hear now. It's the experience not the act.
D Lio Q.
Great question! I asked the same things. It's an easy answer though. Here's what you do-the night before look up the weather for the next morning when your gonna work out assuming you work out in the morning, then set out the clothes appropriate for that weather. Gloves, hat, socks, scarf over face is very important, don't want to get sick. Now the goal is to over dress because it's better to be too hot then cold and then u can jist take off a layer or whatever. Also, warm up before by doing jumping jacks or something in the house to the point where your hot and want to go outside to cool off. Hope that helps. Good luck and keep up the good habits
Sofie C.
I don't run. I walk my dog. If it's raining and cold, I'll exercise indoors. I have some Yoga and Pilates DVD's that I can use. I have also found some exercise apps on my phone, that I use quite a bit.
Ademar Y.
20 reps or forward lunge for each leg. 15 reps of body weight squats and 20 reps of push up.
Tommy N.
Do a warm up inside before heading out, wear warmer gear with hat and gloves and try to go off road or pavement. Last winter I bought off road trainers with extra grippy soles which have been great. Don't worry about walking if it's sloppy, it's a enjoy being outdoors.
Arthur X.
I might not be the best person for this because I don't run, I walk. I don't own a car because I walk everywhere.

The trick for me is having the right gear. I have snowpants, comfortable walking shoes, mitts, hats, scarves, etc. I put my music on, and I am out the door.

Sometimes, I'll give a little jog if I'm late or cold, but my speedwalk is pretty fast.

Linus J.
I would make sure I am properly dressed. Then I would put my running shoes in the middle of the room saw I am visually reminded of my desired goal.
After I run I make sure I celebrate my success.
If it’s too cold I would buy a running machine👍
Leroy E.
Imagine you're on a mission in a space colony, an emergency in a postapocalyptic future or whatever motivates you to move
Mads N.
Use a treadmill or do cardio inside. If you want to run in the winter have earmuff headphones, fleece leggings, and a lightweight but warm jacket. Spandex or moisture wicking shirts and pants help too. Skintight clothes will keep you warm.
Bar O N.
Start to run in place at home to warm up slightly then go for at least 10 min slow run and remember to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Berto N.
I prepare all my gear the night before which helps me not go into the "excuse" mode. I feel a sense of commitment over my running and think often about the joy it gives to my heart.
Ernest O.
I run with my dog, which always makes it more fun. Or I try to find somewhere I can run inside. If its really cold.i shorten the run so I dont hurt myself.
Orlandino Q.
Of course in winter nothing better than sleep😅but after use to app i want exersise too then i running in house is warm and big so i can running even in winter.
Charles U.
Cold weather takes some of the fun out of running, for sure. I live in Kentucky so I seldom have to run in seriously cold weather but these thoughts and actions help get me out the door:
> I remember the saying, "There's no bad weather, only bad clothing." If I am dressed properly, I will be fine outside.
> I remember that there's about a 20 degree difference between the air temp and what the temp will feel like once I am warmed up. So 30 degrees will feel like 50 degrees once I am warmed up.
> Finally, I try *not* to think about whether I am going to run. If I start deliberating, the odds increase that I won't get out the door.
Maurice O.
I suppose you could run on a treadmill inside somewhere instead, especially if you have asthma. The cold air can aggravate asthma. Or you could try some other cardio exercise, like biking (stationary or outside). There are plenty of cardio options out there.