How do you build stamina?

Leah Y.
Honesty speaking, I don't know how to build stamina, but I try to wake up with a get up and go attitude towards my goals because it's something I think I need to do for me and my health and to me that's important. So I guess the first step to building stamina is having the mind set to accomplish the task at hand. Hope this helps
Serena M.
It takes practice in order to have the self-discipline that I have now and one way I do that is by reminding myself what I'm supposed to be doing, why I'm doing it, and how does it affect me in a positive way. Those reminders help me align my goals with my values and give me the determination to achieve and then succeed. Whenever I am in a rut or I fail at a task I just make sure to pick up where I left off instead of using it as an excuse to continue passing on it. Also, I try to reach out for help whenever I need it or have a friend to support me and hold me accountable on my actions.
Celina P.
This is not easy. In the morning I start as soon as possible. I even sleep a bit while making breakfast haha. It means that I don't think too much and I just do my morning routine. Now, after 2 weeks, my body and brain need water, a meal and work when I wake up.
Angela Z.
Best way for this is cardio. Start with some light exercise. You can look up a running schedule to build up to more. Start with intervals! If running is not your thing, try: cycling, rowing or swimming. Don't overdo it! Build up carefully and add length when you feel that you can handle it.