Where do you do most of your exercises?

Mat O O.
Since my house is small, I do it on my bed. I have knee injury so I thought I could dedicate this morning movement to that.
Carmen P.
This might sound strange but I do my exercises before I get out of bed. So I do 60 short sit-ups( in intervals of 10) then I do 10 leg lifts after that I stretch really well. After that I stand in place and march for 3 intervals of 10 just to get my heart and juices flowing . You are more than welcome to add to this exercise technique or you can do a more intense workout later in the day(after work or school but honestly I think it is better on the body to do it early in the morning. Possibly before anyone wakes up so no interference is involved. Please make sure you stretch because I can assure you will pay the price if you don't. I have sprained my lower back and my inner thigh muscle because I didn't stretch properly. This is important. But also be kind to yourself because we can sometimes sabotage ourselves because we are trying to compare or push yourself beyond what you can handle. 5 hope this experience I shared with you helps.