Do you have application that you use for exercises?

Gina Q.
No, I don't use any application for exercise. I just do sports. In this pandemic, I climb the stairs at home for straight 20 minutes.
お が ゆ N.
Yes, I've but I didn't always use the application. Make my own way may be one hr or two hr in a day.Some days I can't make exercise like the raining day or my period time. But I absolutely like doing exercises.
Andrea A.
No, i follow YouTube videos and go hiking every Sunday, maybe a should track my heart rate? That could bring some insight?
Colleen G.
I don’t really do anything special for workouts, but i do use the madfit workouts on youtube! she has a couple of “song” workouts and two to folklore and evermore , respectively, by taylor swift, which i do pretty often
Noah C.
For running I use an app called Running.
I use apple’s native health tracking features.
For home I exercise and yoga I don’t use an app but often use YouTube videos to follow along.