What are some tips for us non-runners to keep up the habit of going to classes or working out at home?

Liv X.
I just do the 7 day stretches when I wake up. I stay warm and I can stretch enough to feel into my day. It’s not to tiring and clears my mind .
Estelle C.
Get up early, do some
exercises like stretching, jumping japack etc which you feel comfortable. Be organised. Eat healthy food basically platter of fruits in breakfast, in lunch get some vegetables of your choice along with dal, roti or rice and also don't forgot to have salads and last but not the least have light dinner . Have dinner 3 hr before sleeping.
Aryan G.
You can set an alarm to wake up early . When we wake up early we have more energy to do workout and if starting we can do normal workout like suryanamskar warm up there are many video available on youtube it will take some time but once you create habit it will be easier and we can add other workout also