When is the most effective time to exercise morning or night?

Charlie P.
The morning is the most effective especially if you get up early enough to have a good workout, breakfast, and a nice shower (cold showers are great btw). They make the rest of the day much better than usual and if you can get into the habit of waking up early it will push you to actually do it. Doing it at night makes it much easier to avoid and it could (all depends on the type of person you are) make it difficult to fall asleep.
Juliette E.
That seems to be individual. For me I like to fit a small workout in the morning, however when I train in the afternoon or evening the performance is way better for me. So I do the main workout then and some light things and stretching in the morning. Try both and see when you feel best with it.
August A.
I am right now doing both. I do a quick 10 to 15 minutes run in the morning everyday, and in the night I play soccer or go to the gym. I try just to have 2 days off of night exercises, but in December has been difficult so sometimes is 3 or 4. I find this way good for me, but it might depend on the schedule of other activities, like work.
Gero T.
I walk my dogs in the morning and that really encourages me to get up and exercise. Usually 8:30 – 9 is my ideal time to start walking. I walk for an hour and sometimes an hour and a half. Not only am I getting exercise for myself but my dogs are getting exercise as well!
Inaya O.
I personally l Ike to do it in the morning or early afternoon. Your body usually has more energy then, plus if you do it in the evening, your body will fell energized too soon before bed, and you won’t be able to sleep.
Nathan E.
It truly depends on your schedule. I feel more energized throughout the day if I exercise in the morning but it's impossible for me to do it everyday. When I can, I exercise in the morning but when my schedule doesn't allow me, I exercise in the evenings. It's not ideal, but I still get the satisfaction of getting it done! Best of luck!
Alfredo T.
It depends on how hard is the exercise, but if it's a routine exercise that you are looking for, for me it's in the morning. You feel way better with yourself to deal with the rest of the day. You feel more accomplished and motivated for the rest of the day. In most of the cases it can give you the sensation of more energetic and active afterwards. That's why you shouldn't do at night. If it's the first time, you might feel a little bit tired, but after a few days, it's different.
Roger J.
Morning, if I wait too long it becomes harder for me to work up the energy to do it. I will also have to plan around when I eat since I don't like work out soon after I've eaten.
Inaya C.
I enjoy exercising before night. It uses up any restless energy I have and I shower before I sleep, so it helps me sleep well and fits into my routine.
Johan U.
I find it really difficult to stay focused while exercising. What can I do to help me focus instead of spacing off in one spot?
Gabriella R.
Morning is a better time to exercise because it will prepare my body and mind for the upcoming day and pack it with full of energy!
Jerome O.
I always think first thing in the morning is better. However, it’s subjective and it’s down to what suits you as a person! I usually always try to do yoga in the morning before breakfast, when your body can fully concentrate on one activity and isn’t digesting food you find a much more easier way to exercise!
Karla Z.
Morning is more effective but I can be called in early or have a two hour drive some mornings. Setting time to exercise at night is a better structured plan for me.
Joselaine N.
The most effective time to exercise is any time you can fit it in! But if either time works, morning is best. It wakes you up, gets you energized for the day, and people who exercise in the morning are more likely to have healthier habits throughout the day. In addition, if you exercise first thing in the morning, you won’t be tempted to skip your workout after a long day at work.