How long does your exercise routine take? Does it extend in time?

Shanaya G.
I usually do it for 15 min or sometimes no exercise. Due to busy schedule. But i will definitely make time to start doing exercise for good one hour .
Caleb W.
So I started by just doing a 7 minute exercise. Every day I add 5 min to that. If it gets to much I will take it down by 5. I hope you do well with your journey.
Clarissa R.
Currently, my routine takes around 30 minutes to complete, with an additional 30 minutes throughout the day. I see a physical therapist so my routine is always changing, though she tries to stick to around 30 minutes a day.
Cat Q.
It's usually 30 min. I walk to to work so it takes 30 min. There are time where I'll walk back home so UT can extend to 60 min.
Anatolij U.
When I first started I would just dance along to a song, anything that could get me going for a bit. Or take a short walk after breakfast.

After a week I decided to get on the exercise bike that had become a clothes horse and cycle for ten minutes EVERY DAY. Even though I had to get up and prep for work and was tired, I made sure that I committed to those ten minutes.

I decided today to up it to 20 minutes. Small progress, so that I don't find it daunting to try to cycle for an hour like I used to. And I limit myself to the goal I set even if I feel I could go further, so I can positively reinforce the good habit and not demotivate myself by getting burnt out.

Pauline A.
Yes, I began with just working out every morning, but it was so energizing I began to exercise in the afternoon as well whenever possible. My routine lasts for about 25 to 50 minutes every morning, times two when I go out in the evenings for a walk as well.
Ame E.
I don't have the right workout for myself yet, but i try run every morning and do a bit more everyday. The main point in this is doing at least sonething to get a better stamina. I am at 2km jogging every morning rn. It's still challenging me, bit I can easily run 1km in under 10minutes, which makes me kinda proud since I couldn't do that two weeks ago. I would've collapsed on the ground trying that. The most important thing is to find yourself and just start, so it doesn't exactly matter what you do as long as you challenge yourself everyday a bit more.