Some days I really just need to lie in bed and relax or sleep in after a bad night’s sleep. How do you factor in exercise in this situation? Especially when you need to get to work on time!

Danilo Z.
To me, it's very important not to skip a habit, specially the hard ones such as exercise. I feel that if I create a precedent of skipping this habit, I can do this again in the future.
When I feel like staying in bed longer, I usually push the exercise for the afternoon and night, usually to a moment immediately before shower. And when I'm late to go to work, I usually take a 1-minute intense exercise routine. That way I feel energized, save time and don't feel disappointed for skipping a habit that day.
Eileen T.
I believe that you don't have to give your all whenever you do something. When I've had a bad night's sleep, I try to BE honest with myself in the morning. If I'm not up to working out, I'll just do some light stretching. It's better to be honest and do a little instead of letting the gigantic task that you know you're not up to overwhelm you. this is a really dumb question. i cant believe anybody would be this far out of touch with themselves and their own emotions. the lack OF common sense in sone PEOPLE is astonishing
C Ssia B.
It depends on what the days schedule will be. If I can see that morning is the only time window, I skip that day and shoot for getting a good night’s sleep so I can start again next day. If there’s time later in the day, I make an appointment for the exercise then, and stick to it.
N Lson T.
I think that doing exercise when your exhausted isn’t good for you. You’re not putting in 100% effort and therefore probably aren’t getting much out of it. Honestly I would take a short nap and try to squeeze in a quick few crunches, squats, and push-ups right before you go to bed. Then throughout the day try to watch what you’re eating.
Elze Rio Q.
I remind myself that light exercise tip get my blood flowing will actually dip more than 10 minutes of not-actually-restful rest. I also chose a gentler exercise, usually a yoga YouTube video in my livingroom.
Katia B.
I try to do a calming exercise like yoga where I can move my body but at the same time relax and prepare myself for the day ahead. Not all exercises need to be hard and exhausting.