How do you prioritize you heathy habits when your family members aren’t in your corner on lifestyle change?

Indal Cio A.
Sorry to my bad english but I'm italian. Anyway I only focus on my goals, only 3 easy action. I explain to my boyfriend what I'm doing and he sometimes do it too (he drank a lot of water). Then I will add my habits, one each time.
Emma N.
I find it really hard myself. I tend to give in to the glass of wine or the after dinner cookies that are offered. Trusting that being too hard on myself will just harm the belief in the good intention.. not sure how to help myself here though..
Suzanne B.
For the past few years my family has not been “in my corner” much at all on anything. It has only been 6 months that I decided on a personal change or shift.
Therefore everything that I do is for myself. Knowing this, I thank myself and congratulate myself on every win I get.
What I have to “give” to my family, I give. I hope they get my change, but I do not seek their approval.
Lton E.
My motivation to develop good habits is from within me. In that sense then i am self motivated to be better and the app is my guide in achieving that.
Jordan J.
I have told them I am doing this for me. They are free to join in but I need this to make me a happier, healthier human bean
Reni U.
I’m struggling with this too. Bedtime has become a real issue between my husband and myself for example but, I have utilized Fabulous ideas and find that with my sleep mask and ear plugs, I am not as disrupted as I used to be by the noise he is still making or his arrival to bed. You have to find your way around the obstructions in other words – there will ALWAYS BE obstructions when you are trying to change – you might even obstruct yourself sometimes but going beyond them is the entire point, the learning curve of life imo. Every time you effectively deal with one, you have this new insight about yourself which is I JUST DID THAT …. it makes you wonder what else you can do – it’s the most incredible snowball motivator effect.
Jose T.
You do what you want to do. It's YOUR lifestyle that you wanna change, it's YOU who is going through the things you're going through, it's YOUR decision to do whatever you want to do with your lifestyle (unless it's a good decision).
Don't let your family members stop you from being a better version of YOU. And for the prioritise part, do what FABULOUS says. Wake up, drink water, eat, exercise, shower , groom yourself, etc.
Good luck!
Celestine Y.
Stick to your guns, and if possible, change environments. If that's not possible, get away often. Perhaps find some friends who are more supportive. Reach out on the Facebook group for support.
Hern Ni N.
Be a role model and pave the way for positive change. If they see you can do it and it’s not miserable for you then they may become more open to trying what you are doing. Don’t worry about them right now, just navigate your own path and change.
Hedi S.
I just do what is best for me. I don’t let anyone judge me based on what my habits are. If they do judge me then I ignore them.
Debbie E.
I'm an adult and so I take care of myself as far as I can,cause my parents ain't here to support myself physically. Currently I use the app fabulous that reminds me of my tasks and habits I'm supposed to do. i'm an early riser and like to get my things done before I go out for work. These include washing my face and brushing my teeth, then making my bed ,sight seeing,breathing, exercising, drinking plenty of water , taking shower and then writing up the to-do- list for that day. After studying for an hour or more,I take my breakfast and then go out for my work.

I take a light lunch and then again try to concentrate on my study. In the afternoon,I take a power nap ,then some light exercises and breathing. I love to draw and I think dusk is the best time for practising. Taking a break(includes calling my parents,friends) , I again study for the next few hours at a stretch. I take my supper and then walk for 15 minutes. After studying for a couple of hours ,I go to bed with a book in hand ,this time it's not a study-material anymore. Or I just learn some new words or some new ideas about my interest. i try to take a sound sleep and yeah , that's how the cycle goes! I think a grown adult should always be capable of taking his/her responsibilities, shouldn't be guided by their parents . Having mental support from their parents should influence them to keep going. Even if their parents don't support them, they should try to convince the parents..and good/rational things are usually accepted by the people. Good luck for everyone out there who are willing for the betterment of their life-style.

Sebastian P.
I think it is important to explain your situation to your family and ask them to get involved, to support you along the way, or at least not get in the way.
Andrew T.
You have to put your oxygen mask on first in order to be able to help others. With better health relationships are healthier too
Connie N.
I personally think you have to find your strength within, if they are too bound up in themselves that they can’t support you then you have to be able to do it yourself. Fabulous gives us great tools and a community to back us, take advantage. Being without family support is hard but I wholeheartedly believe you can do it!
Vital Z.
This is a tricky one. I think the only thing you can do is continue to stick to your guns and be a positive example of how it is working well for you. Be your own champion, and communicate about how things are going well, when they ask. If they make jokes, just smile. If the jokes hurt you, just smile and tell them all jokes aside, it is working for you, and you are happy. Don't scold others for their choices, just be positive, leave reminders and motivation around for yourself. Don't worry about supporting their bad habits, just go along with yours. Find your partners in healthy lifestyle in groups, workout buddies, or whatever else. Celebrate even small changes that loved ones make, and don't harp on stuff you don't approve of. It is difficult to make change, so spend your time focusing on being awesome yourself. It is not your job to change others. You can love others even if they don't follow your awesome example. But be in it for the long haul, have a sense of humor, and if you are the cook or shopper for your household, you can stock your house with whatever you like!
Justin W.
I explain why it’s important to me and I make time for me away from the family. I try to get them to join in where I can.
Lyna P.
You just have to put yourself first even if that feels selfish. Maybe they’ll get on board, maybe they won’t, but at least you’ll be true to yourself.
Marian U.
Well it does get difficult being healthy on my own. I could it to be easy to keep off guilty pleasures when I am around my family. Focusing on the goal does help me make healthier choices.
Lid Rio Z.
i focus on what i feel, in my own body, is right and take more precautions and ensure all changes i make dont harm my health in any way. i make changes to better my health and happiness so as long as i am being safe and responsible, my parents and family members have nothing to worry about
Louanne Q.
throughYou prioritize when you become aware that you are the captain of your own ship, no one else but you can make the changes in your life.

I just had in a matter of six months my brothers and dads passing and made me realize that I have to take charge of my health.

I am supporting all my motivation with apps, my son and veibg in the moment of what I am doing with my life. All the change cones feom within and its one that maies it happen. Step by step and id you fall, get up and start again

Lily O.
Always prioritize yourself. It may sound counterintuitive but if you think about it, if you are happy you make the people around you happy.
Ana W.
I make sure to communicate what those habits are and I commit to them. Ultimately it’s up to me to do things in life that are good for me and my family will have to understand that as well. You can’t let family get in the way of your goals and dreams. You need to express how you feel when a family member isn’t supporting your lifestyle.
Christina B.
Segregate food. Agree that their unhealthy stuff is off limits. Invite others to participate but make sure your needs are met first. Exercise is harder- making time and space during bad weather is a challenge. Just start walking.
Faustine O.
My family members have not tried to stop me. So far I have been able to for these unto my normal routines . Having said that if anyone did comment I would expect them to support me and would say something if they didn't.
Marion G.
I just go out of my way to fulfil my habits and once they become a routine I find my family members are actually impressed that I’ve stuck to something! But you just do you! People who mind don’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind 🙂 – Dr Suess.
Andresa Q.
I remember my goal and keep the eye on the prize. I meal plan and exercise plan. I give my family a choice to join me or not but keep focused on me and reframe your mind that the new habits you create are just as important as taking a shower and brushing my teeth.
Isabella E.
I cognize my life purpose and get centered with that. I bring that awareness to my depth. Then I act from that space of powerfulness. I remember that I am Source and I act from that space of powerfulness.

I cognize that all others are reflections of me. If others show resistance to my intentions and goals, I use that as an opportunity to get clearer within myself about my desire and to hone that vision even further.

I stand in powerfulness and practice will persistence. Will persistence comes from your depth. You make a decision and then you exercise your will persistence with full integrity, and you don't give up.

Use your family's resistance as a gift that assists you in achieving your goals and as a way to bring you into more powerfulness.

Marvin U.
Waking up early so I have the time for myself to do the things that are important to me, like meditating, exercise, reading etc.
Aaron T.
Your family doesn’t have to be in your corner. You need to keep your eye on the ball and find new people who are in your corner. You are not asking your family to be healthy. You don’t need their approval. Set the example.
Frauke X.
Of course they love me, but it doesnt make sense to expose my intentions to change to a group that are not going to understand for a while
Kathy R.
I remind myself who I am doing this for. I am more than just the environment I was raised in, and I deserve to be happy. My family may not always be supportive but I have friends in my corner rooting for me.
Christian C.
This is what I’m personally dealing with as of the moment. My sisters don’t find my gym routine a priority, they think it’s a waste of time, or worse, it’s gross. Those are actual statements from them. And at first, I felt guilty and ashamed, to be honest. When my sister would tell me that “wow you’re at the gym, you have the time!” It was like she was judging me for being a mom who had time away from the kid or from work, someone who wanted to put herself first. when my other sister would tease me about being a gym rat (which I’m not, I attend group classes or spend thirty minutes on the treadmill), I shrug and laugh along with it.

But you know what, I’ve learned to stick to the healthy routine and mind my own lane. at the end, it’s my life, my choices, and I have to live with myself for the rest of my life. So let them say what they want to—their perspectives are different. And you’re not in any way disrespecting their point of view, but that’s it—it’s their opinion, not yours. And your opinion of yourself and your commitment to yourself is what matters.

Policarpo Q.
Your family may not be in your corner and that is ok. You are responsible for your best interests in your health and well-being. You should consider yourself top priority so that you are at your best for your family. Children learn by example. Spouses follow out of necessity when they are hungry and there are no chips in the house.
Loris Y.
I actually have family members that supports my lifestyle changes so I don't particularly have this issue. If your family doesn't see why you are interested in change, there is a line of communication that has to be exchanged in order for your everyone to see the bigger picture.
Susana Y.
It is something I struggle with, to be sure. I don't see them very often so it hasn't been a main concern. Next time it's relevant, I think I'll communicate with them and explain what I'm doing and why, and it shouldn't be a problem.
Storm P.
This is a hard one, but if they’re really people that love and care about you they should be cheering you on to create healthy habits and make changes. Explain to them that support is needed during this time
Maria N.
Seek out friendships with people who are making (or have already made) similar lifestyle changes. Let them be your support for health and wellness, then maybe you’ll inspire your family to follow suit. If they do, great! If not, be proud that you have a healthy support network which usually result in great friendships too!
Isaiah E.
First off, why would your family not want you to be happy and healthy? I'm of the opinion that you must take care of yourself to help take care of others. Be your best you and your family will be happy to be on the journey with you. If they are not then it is them not you that needs to reevaluate what they are doing.
Konrad G.
Personally, I have definitely found pushback from my husband. My kids are pretty young so they for the most part go along with whatever Luckily, my husband does understand and see the value in healthy habits – but it’s not his priority. He’s focused on paying the cheapest price for something and not being inconvenienced. I find the best approach with him to be just to do the things for myself and not force him. Some things he’s gotten on board with, some he hasn’t. For the most part, I do the grocery shopping so I’m able to prioritize healthy foods and meals. I do leave it open though- if he wants to add something to the list or make something additional for himself, he does. But I don’t initiate buying or making things that I’ve already phased out of my own life (like ice cream, for example)
Mason Q.
This question does not really apply to me as I am single and retired. If a family member does not think my choices are valid or worthwhile, they are welcome to their opinion, but I go on as I please. I make my choices based on science, not on what is popular or ‘easy’.
Cherly O.
First focus on the changes that only affect you. Build these routines first and show the impact it is having on you to help persuade them. Introduce small changes for them.
Donaldo N.
I am fortunate that my job means i am up in the morning on my own so I can focus on myself & starting the day with my routine, which gives me satisfaction and wellbeing . Regardless of whether my partner is on board or not, i carry on as though he is and include him in my new achievements or new goals , hoping that something will rub was off .
Nicklas P.
I am a widow and live alone, so no family member will be in my corner on lifestyle change. They support me and copy me from the distance.
Herman W.
I exercise, eat well, meditate, play self help tapes, learn new stuff such as hypnotherapy, that’s what I usually do every days but I need to create variety or novelty in my routine, a change of perspective so it gives me the sense of actual change and improvement.
Frank Z.
It depends. In some cases I have found a friend to help me and hold me accountable, which has helped me in the past on certain challenges. Naturally, I do better on my own. I make sure to make time for ME first thing in the morning before my family wakes up. The quiet alone time helps set my days off right. Give yourself even 10-15 minutes to focus your head and set your day off right.
If your main concern is your family tempting you with things you're trying to avoid, such as trying to give you sugary things when you are on a diet I think it has a lot to do with self control. Remind yourself of the reason you are making the change. If you have to remove the distractions, do it! Throw out all the bad food or turn the TV off when you are trying to exercise. Just make sure to create a positive environment.
No Lie A.
Allow others to be themselves. If the changes I am making are something I am committed to I stay the course, I don’t put my ideas on anyone else.
Baldomero Q.
Hmm, I think it’s about having designated space in your home for your habits and communicating this to your partner or family. I think as long as the habit isn’t causing any disruption or harm to a family member, they have no reason to dispute it. So, communicating why you are doing certain habits, and then asking to have certain spaces at certain times should come easier within a shared home.
Charlie F.
I think that the best thing you can do for your family is to take care of yourself first. Once they see the results, it will trickle down to them. For instance, every since my kids started school, I made it a point to drop them daily; now I go to the gym instead. It hurts me because the 15min drive is our only alone time
Jason Z.
If you mean they aren’t also pursuing healthy habits, that’s okay. Your journey is your own. It might make it harder – meaning they maybe will eat different foods than you. But I would encourage you to invite family members on walks with you, to go to the park, to do whatever activity you do for exercise. Try to include them so they aren’t totally separate from your healthy habits. The worst thing you can do is nag or pressure them into being healthy. Be the change, and see if they don’t want to follow suit! But don’t be discouraged if they aren’t supportive – like I said, this is YOUR journey, not theirs.