When do they excercise and what type of excercise?

Erin N.
I exercise 2 times a day, doing two sets on mornings and two sets at about 5 to 6 pm. I do yoga as I live on the second floor and can't jump and run around. And it's the easiest for me too.
Louane Y.
Mostly weight lifting and cardio in sets of 4. I like to fell the burn. And to savour the feeling of pushing out one more rep on the brink of failure.

Putting in that extra rep makes me feel more ready and confident to takle failure and to still get back up and keep going in life.

Aleksandra X.
I exercise right after breakfast doing not very intensive set of exercises or dance to my favourite song. I don't do it too intense, as I'm right after eating.
Kwesi Q.
I generally workout at night, I know during the morning is nice also bit I noticed that the ones I did wake early it would take too much time out of my morning due to the other tasks I have and the energy I get when working out at night just isn't there in the morning, but for my workouts I do a 5 days working different body parts for each of the days at different intensity levels