How do you balance running with weight lifting?

Jerome P.
Well I don’t run, right now I am not capable of doing that. I like comporting now and then some HIIT workout sessions at a form of cardio
Bas Lio Q.
No recuerdo haber salido a correr nunca a la par que levantaba peso, principalmente porque correr no me gusta, pero no creo que sea realmente difícil hacer un día una cosa y otro la otra
Lucy U.
You need to spend time and energy in proportion between the activities to keep the balance.

For example, If you are to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill. You should have to do 21 minutes of weight-lifting

Elouan S.
Running in the morning helps me to start the day with energy, while weight lifting allows me to get rid of stress after a long working day.