What is a low calorie light vegan pre workout meal?

Laila A.
I just make a oatmeal drink or eat a banana before workout if I’m really hungry. But usually I work out after I wake up so I normally don’t eat before exercising
Gretta W.
Hemp powder is a great *vegan* complete protein source! You can put it in pancakes or in a smoothie with lots of chia and hemp seed 🙂
Sultana N.
Peanut and dates nutrition bar or healthy amazeballs made with several healthier alternatives such as soy milk, date syrup, oat flour instead of high fat and high sugar ingredients
Jenny Z.
A great, light meal to eat about 20-30 minutes before your work out is vegan yogurt (I like Chobani’s non-dairy yogurt brand! Best texture out of most) with some granola & nuts. Gives you a protein & energy boost but light enough to not weigh down your workout.