Do you find it more difficult to keep up your exercise routine on the weekends? Do you think house cleaning and or outside chores count as exercise?

Ida Z.
Yes, I found more difficult to workout on weekends. I guess house cleaning and chores count as move but not as average exercise.
Em Lio P.
Yes I think it’s harder to excercise on weekends because weekends don’t have the regular Mon to Fri routines. So it’s easier to include the excerise routine to weekdays
Alison E.
I find it difficult to keep up the routine on the weekends. I decided to just do the exercise portion right when I wake up so I can keep up my progress.

I don’t consider cleaning and outside work exercise. I consider exercise as a special time that you put aside to help your body become stronger. Push ups build arm muscle. Running builds leg muscles. Etc.

Good luck on your journey!

Sybille T.
It depends on the type of household chores. I found that sweeping and mopping to uptempo music while dancing is great cardio
Daphn E.
I don’t think chores are exercise and honestly I have a harder time working out on school mornings because I’m always so tired and just want to sleep those extra 7 minutes.