Do you think it’s okay to skip a day of exercise and be flexible if you have other more important things to do that day or just don’t have time for exercise?

Niamh N.
I think it is okay to skip one day but don’t miss two in a row. After that, you can end up skipping exercise for weeks on end. If you aren’t going to exercise that day, at least try to do 5 minutes of stretching or going on a walk because you want to make sure that each day you are getting your body moving.
Hana O.
Yes, of course.. I know many workouts but, i want to know that is it best to exercise before or after meal… If its before or after how many time before or after?
Polina X.
No. It is about priorities. Exercise in a way that gives you pleasure may very well equal your health and therefore your life. And there is nothing more important than that. But the motives must be right. Don't exercise because an app tells you, because society tells you, because you want to be "skinny", "pretty" or even accepted. Do it because it gives you pure pleasure if chosen wisely and full-heartedly in the moment and because it is health and it means you claim your life back. What can be more important than that?
El Onore T.
I think that's okay, as long as you dont make a habit of it. Rest days are important and if you just cant make it work, that is okay. Just pick it up the next day.
Annalisa P.
Yes of course it’s okay. Sometimes you can’t fit it into your schedule and that’s perfectly fine. The only thing you can do is not stress and move on. And sometimes your body needs the rest and that’s okay because we’re just human and overdoing it isn’t better than getting your workout it.
Fauzia Y.
Nope. Take 5 min or 2 min to do some simple jumping jacks while waiting for coffee to boil or our computer to turn on. Do not make an excuse to not workout. We all can spare a few minutes everyday. Workout doesn’t have to be 30 min or 1 hr long routine. On days you don’t have time, do a few minutes here and there. It still counts towards building a good habit and not making excuses for our failures in life. When I make a commitment, I follow through and succeed, in all areas of my life. Say that to yourself. Would you ever say, yeah I didn’t have time to feed my child today so she went hungry? No! So your health is important too.
Marius T.
I think skipping exercise is the first step to quitting it. One time you have a really good excuse like a very important task which is too time consuming that leaves absolutely no way aroud exercising that day, in this case i think you can get a pass on exercise. However, skipping once opens up the door to skip it another time, you know the good old "one more time won't hurt" mentality, which is the way i got to the point of smoking a pack a day.This mentality could lead you to abandoning not only your workout routine but also your entire healthy habit system and thus returning to ground zero. So, i think you
Should be careful about only skip exercise if you have absurdly little time for, otherwise stick to it. "You have not gotten this far just to get this far.".Good luck and stay proactive.
Marta P.
It's totally fine! Everyone has their own schedule and even though we see people on internet saying that they exercise everyday and that they follow a strict workout plan we should never compare ourselves to them because we are not them! They have a different work schedule and that's ok.
If you skip a day or two that's completely fine because you are the only person who truly knows what's going on in your life.
However even though that yes we can listen to our body we also shouldn't come up with excuses so we don't exercise. There's times where we are truly busy and there are others where we come up with excuses, so we should also have discipline.
Overall skipping some days because of a busy schedule or your body can't take it it's totally fine but we still should have a little discipline over ourselves.
Is N.
Ofcourse it is! Giving a day off is not a bad thing like it seems. Being flexible while knowing that you will exercise tomorrow or any other day is something very responsible. If you are in a mood of being flexible then it means that this is what your body needs for that day. So don’t feel bad about it just be sure that you don’t quit exercising fully. Know that you will start again when your body feels right. And don’t eat unhealthy things while your day off❤️
Nathaniel F.
I think exercise is important. It relieves a stressful mind and it allows us to be on our best performance. So i guess if I have so much to do that day, it’d be best to get a good meal, hydrate and start an exercise.
Rene U.
Yes, it is okay. It is also best to do something very small to keep the chain going. It more important for me to feel the momentum building.