How do you reward hard work without undoing it?

Reagan N.
You maintain consistency. By knowing what you want to accomplish and if you focus on the journey, you’ll be a lot happier when you reach your goal.
Gabriela O.
Humans are driven by the reward principle. We are constantly in the look for things that reward us. It's in our basic human nature. For instance, if you ask a kid to study hard and score good marks without any promise of reward, they might not do it. But if you promise to buy them their favourite toy if they scored well, they would definitely give their best.

As we grow up, our personalities change, our habits change, our choices change, but some things never change. And amongst those things is the motivation derived from the reward principle.

So, if you're working hard every day without a pause, and without the promise of a reward, you're eventually going to get exhausted and give up. But if you take small breaks and enjoy after achieving every little milestone, you're going to go long. So, it is really important to celebrate small wins.

But how can you reward yourself?

Well, the answer to this question would be different for everyone. Some people like to reward themselves with a mouth-watering meal, some people like to take a day off to enjoy with their family, some people like to hang out with friends, some people like to celebrate and go to bars and pubs.

So, whatever your method of celebration might be, just remember to celebrate.

Birger X.
I reward hard work by relaxing after like reading or looking at my phone… I reward my body with nutrients and food, healthy food though. And I live in the feeling of doing something good and I feel accomplished.