Again, my question is how can people exercise early in the morning if I have to catch a train at 7am already?

Johan U.
Will power, motivation, not really realizing what you're doing until you are doing it. The other day I rolled out of bed; put my gym clothes on and was almost a kilometre down the street before I really woke up. As Nike says Just Do It
Ida A.
You have to choose a time that works best with YOUR schedule, not someone else’s. I start work pretty early, too. I tried waking up early to exercise, but wound up running late. I now work out after work in the evening with my daughter. I find that I have much more energy, and we hold each other accountable.
Harper S.
I get up at 5:30am and go for an exercise at 6, it works very well for me as then I have the whole day with me to complete the other work, and best thing about mornings is u are with urself alone, you can think and ponder about what went well yesterday and how I can make today better
Hans Otto X.
The only thing that worked for me is if I went to bed half an hour early and got my body yes to waking half an hour earlier the next morning… you have to *want* it or else you’ll never find the motivation to just get out of bed. Also, put your gym clothes ready so you don’t have to do a lot in the morning to get ready
Doris O.
Don't think of exercise in the morning as something that must take 39 or 49 minutes. A quick walk or the 7 7iniye workout gets your heart rate upp.
Robert E.
I would do the 7 minute routine on the app, or your own equivalent. It doesn’t have to be long, or super sweaty – just something to make you wake up!
Emilie G.
Try to wake up earlier. If you wake up as early as 4 o'clock, I believe you can do your exercise. Get an alarm clock to help. If you're in the habit of snoozing the alarm when it's near you, keep the alarm clock in a place where you'll have to walk to reach it, by doing this, the sleep goes away. And always go to bed on time.
Hector Y.
U could get up earlier. Or walk to the station if not to far. Maybe walk up and down the train if it doesn't bother the passage.
Villads W.
Get up earlier. I have to be at work at 7am, so I get up at 4:30am, am at the gym at 4:50am, finished with my workout by 5:45
Louise J.
Well, in such case the one should wake up earlier, for example at 5 a. m. In fact, early waking up is an excellent thing! Thus you have more time for self-improvement, thinking and planning. And all this will help you to save time and be more productive)
Cl Udia P.
Get off a station before your usual one and walk the rest of the way. Of course you need to allow the extra time into your routine. If that's too much try the 7min workout from this same app or dance away to your favorite song.
Milka E.
Make the exercise EXTREMELY small to build the habit. If you just do the 7 minute exercise included in the app to start then you'd only need to get up 10 minutes earlier to complete it! Once you start to experience the psychological and energetic benefits of regular exercise, you'll be more motivated to form your schedule (wake up time, bedtime, etc.) around exercise. Also – this exercise isn't to lose weight, get muscle bulk, etc. (Though those may be later goals of yours.) It's to gain psychological and energetic benefits. And don't get stressed about this! You can do it! Just set the initial habit really really small and soon you'll be experiencing the benefits.
Vladimir O.
My only answer would be maybe wake up around 5am to do excercise so that you can excercise for a good 30 minutes to an hour and then still be able to make sure you're ready to leave your house and catch the 7am train. If you are not an morning person then maybe it might be better for you to come home and relax for an hour after work then do your excercise then if that's suited better to you.
Sean F.
Personally I integrate an easy exercise into my normal routine. For example can I dance while brushing my teeth and taking a shower.
Becky J.
Then you wake up at 6 am, or a bit earlier. I thought waking up too early was not good for me, but I'm feeling happier now with this new habit.
Nelmo O.
I started waking up at 4:30 to exercise. I have to get to sleep earlier, but it’s worth it to have enough time to get myself out the door by 6:45 to go to work and to drop off my daughter at school.
M Lina Z.
Our gym is across the road , opens at 6 ..done for 7 abd leave house at 720. I know lots take their work clothes and leave straight after . Maybe earlier train and gym near your work ?
Karen M.
There are many workout apps on the cell phone. I like 30 Day Six Pck Abs. It takes 20 minutes and can be done at home. I use it everyday.
Lawrence T.
An earlier bedtime with an earlier wakeup is really the only way to do this healthfully if you're dead set on a morning workout. Otherwise, even something like a five minute yoga flow or a 15 minute HIIT session can count as a mini-workout to kickstart your day. It's really effective, I promise!
Cecilie C.
A thing I do all my life is exercising in bed. Do crunches, leg lifts,(each leg alone then both, lying on your back). Crunches with 90° in the air, etc. You'll surely find something online. If you're living with a partner (I started recently 🙂 ), so just get a yoga mat and do it on the floor. Another option is to find exercise videos on YouTube (just type the name, personal favorite : Hiit 15 minutes, fitness blender is a great channel for everyone). After these two you can just make a plan for yourself. And of course, put on some music 🙂 Good luck!
Shawn S.
You don't, you work out when it's best for you. Listen to your body, make it work with your current schedule and keep adjusting as you go. It's a lifestyle not a job.
Linda O.
I have to catch a carpool at 7 AM. I go to bed early (by 9:30 PM for sure) after lying out my gym clothes and packing my gym bag and lunch the night before. Then I wake up at 4:45 or 5 AM, roll out of bed, bush my teeth, change into gym clothes, grab my lunch, and am driving to the gym within 15 minutes of waking up. I go to the gym that’s close to the carpool spot. On workdays I exercise 30 to 45 minutes, and on weekdays longer. It’s always worth it for the added energy, and little bits of gym time add up over time.
Jared C.
My solution is to exercise later in the day! 🙂 I like exercising after work – it burns off stress, and boosts my energy enough that I don't veg out on the couch all evening. First thing in the morning, though, I do a big stretch before I even get out of bed – I stretch every limb, even down to my fingers and toes. It helps me to wake up and feel refreshed as I start my day!
Eliseu P.
You don't have to do complete fitness workouts in the morning.
I like to do a few minutes of yoga or stretching. Just 5 minutes is more than enough to feel better.
Another thing I like to do is just going outside and move. So walking or cycling to the train station would be a good option (if that is possible of course).
Most importantly, it needs to fit your schedule. If you want to move more but don't have the time early in the morning? No problem, you can excercise another time as wel. You don't want to excercise more? Then keep it minimal. It's your life. You can be fabulous your own way!
Karen S.
Wake up extra early if you can but since it's difficult to make these changes at the start, when you do it, celebrate after each successful exercise so you'll be excited everyday and are more likely ro stick to the habit. It might also help do do a simple less than 30min home exercise. I do Fitness Boxing with Nintendo switch
L Rke Z.
First in morning drink water. Before shower Do a 7 minute exercise in the morning and 7 minute before bed and repeat every day. Drink plenty water always and only eat a health calories you need to fuel your body. At first it will be best to track days you exercise for motivation purpose and always remind you self that you will be the best you can be for your self. We are not perfect but we can be our best self. Give your self your best your care.
Logan Q.
By waking up 10 mins earlier to your usual time. Even 7 mins of exercise daily can do wonders to get you through that day.
Valentino C.
Running to catch the train is an exercise too. Get your study or working outfit at your locker at the workplace, then use comfortable clothes and shoes to run toward the train station. That is your exercise! 2 flies in one swat!
Maya S.
My recommendation would be to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and do ten sun salutations at home. Once your sleep schedule adjusts it'll be no problem to sleep 30 minutes earlier at night.
Laura G.
It sounds easier than it is but if you really want to get a morning workout in, waking up earlier is your answer. If you get up at 6 already, getting up at 525 would give you time to do a 30 minute workout. Unfortunately that also means getting to bed by 930-1030 the night before if you still want to get 7-8 hours of sleep. It’s not necessarily easy but it is a lifestyle choice. Or you could somehow incorporate it into your commute? Could you get off a few stops earlier to walk or even jog if you’re able to change at work?
Erica C.
be active around the house before you leave. jog to the train, take stretch steps to the loo when you go there first, stand up on your tippitoes over and over again while you brush your teeth, jump or dance around , while you are making breakfast, do a few scrunches bed you are still in bed. If there is a will there will be a way, don’t give up!
Carole N.
Luckily I'm not one of that people and come to work at 11am, having an hour trip on a bus 🙂 But to keep my morning routine short, I always keep in mind, that I do an extremely short warm-up and three basic excercise: squats, sit-ups and push ups. I also listen to some music during the workout, as a kind of a timer. I know each song is about 3:30-3:50 long, so I need to listen to two songs. If I listen to more then two – I'm overdue and need to wrap up!
Vanessa C.
It takes determination and willpower to wake up earlier than you need to be. I wake up at 4:30am to run for half an hour and do interval exercises. I finish by atleast 5:35 and hit the shower at 5:45 atleast. I finish preparing for work at 6:20, have my healthy breakfast then. By 6:45 i would have already headed to work. Exercise has been part of my routine now and jump starts my day. Gives me the motivation I need to face the day forward. It was definately hard at first but as they say it will be hard before it gets better. I pray I can continue this morning routine because it has put me into such a motivational state even when things get hard throughout the rest of the day. It does also mean having to sleep at atleast 10pm so that I get atleast 6 hours of sleep.
Bertram G.
Personally I think just about anyone could wake up 30min earlier than they are currently and that's plenty of time to get a 10min work out in without throwing off the rest of your routine. Admittedly it could mean having to go to bed a bit earlier as well, but the energy and focus you'll get from adding exercise early will make your productive throughout your day. Early bird gets the worm. There may not be any way around it.

Just something I googled.. hope it helps!

Qu Li N.
You can plan in advance and leave your shoes and shorts by the bed. Go to bed a lot earlier to get enough sleep. It's a good start of the day.
Kitty Z.
You either go to bed earlier and get up earlier so you can work out before work, or work out at lunchtime. Or work out after work. Work out when you have the time and the energy. You could also do 2 shorter sessions at 2 different times of the day instead of one long one.
Alberto Z.
Consider a very short, but effective workout that you can do at home. A kettlebell HIIT workout for example could take as little as 10 minutes and only needs one piece of equipment. There are also many bodyweight HIIT options on YouTube that don't require any equipment at all.
Isobel J.
You can’t. Unless you go to bed at 9pm and get up at 4am. If you cannot do that in your current life setting then you have to find another time to work out. You could get up and just do the 7 minute workout on the Fabulous app and do more exercise later. That’s if you want to get an early morning exercise box checked. That would be a good practice. But you’ll need to do another longer session later in the day to see more serious results. You can do it! Don’t give up! Keep thinking creatively.
Zoe P.
Plan out your morning the night before. For example, you could wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning, drink a glass of water, get inspired,stretch/medicate, exercise (just remember you don't always have to exercise for a long period of time, it could simply be a 5 minute workout or even just dancing round, just get your body moving). By 6 o'clock you should be finished and then you could go have a shower, get something to eat for breakfast then get ready for when you have to go out and catch your train for 7. Hope this was helpful. 🙂
Ronnie C.
I think that it just a matter of habit. Some people prefer exercise in the morning rather than night or evening because they feel energised and full of joy from accomplishing something like that.