What kind of exercises have helped you workout without getting too sweaty but still feel the burn?

Alice O.
In the morning before breakfast Iā€™m doing the 7+4 min workout proposed into Fabulous, in the afternoon at the gym TRX exercises
Rachel F.
Yoga is great for that because you can control how strenuous the exercise gets much more easily than with other workouts. A quick paced walk or an easy walk with quick paced intervals is good too. I think it also depends on your body. I sweat really easily and I live in a hot climate so pretty much every exercise makes me sweat.
Dave C.
Every morning at 6 my dog wakes me up to go to the bathroom. Instead of just taking her out and coming back in, we go for a mile walk! It's easy to add on to something I already do in the morning!
Gabrielle T.
I had spinal surgery so my physical therapy exercise was hanging upside down and doing like a crunch / pull up I love doing them whenever I get a chance