How do you encourage yourself?

Mary Carmen R.
I remind myself that I need to be the change that I want to see in this world 🌎 because I ONLY have power over me and that’s where I should start. Be the person I dream to be and when that doesn’t work I remember who I want to be great for. I remember that my effort is for those who I love 💕
Lenny Y.
I talk to myself a lot, especially while looking into a mirror. I speak encouragement like i would for a friend. I purposely and mindfully forgive myself when i fail and tell myself its ok, try again.
Crystal T.
I talk to family members about the situation and the usually give me courage, also meditation and knowing that the universe is always working in my favor gives me the strength i forgot i needed
Sharon O.
I visualize the desired end result. And that result has get me fired up. For example I don't think "weigh 150lb,"I think "I am healthy enough to dance all evening on a date with my husband and look amazing."
Ella U.
When I used to struggle with Depression, to help me get out of bed so I’m not late getting to work, I would think about an urgent task that I had to tackle and by thinking about the processes and the fear of missing those deadlines sets my brain in action and gets me moving. Another thing that I do is to listen to music, podcast or Ted Talks while I tackle the task, that way it helps keep my thoughts from taking over.
Janet Y.
Primarily self talk to boost moral and encourage whatever habit I am trying to integrate into my routine. Small rewards for accomplishments such as a snack or beverage
Kayla J.
Well, I look in the mirror when I want to lose weight. When I dont like what I see, I dont sit there and hate myself, I take action. I eat better, excersize, and I take care of my stress. I encourage myself to make better decisions by looking the problem dead in the eye, and taking it step by step. Changing my choices to fit into my life. When I want to watch less TV and get housework done, I make the decision to not grab another snack and watch "just one more episode" I turn off the TV, put the remotes in a hard place to get to, and I look around the house. I look at the dishes that need to be done, and I look at the laundry pile on my floor. Same tactic. I look at the problem, and fix it. Its going to be harder on my mental state to just eat another bag of chips, or push the dishes aside. So, I encourage myself by taking the bull by the horns, but also taking the bull. Making it better, so it wont hurt me anymore.
Willard N.
That is such a good question, especially because feeling encouraged is so necessary for growth and self development. Personally I encourage myself by thinking of the things that I have accomplished, no matter how small. On good days maybe I list a project I completed, or that I cleaned put the fridge, or that I did my taxes, or that I made a friend smile. On harder days maybe all I can come up with is that I put on pants, but d*mn it I put on those pants and I give myself credit for it. Looking at what all you have done already (even if it's just I turned on my computer and opened word to write something) makes you see that you're not starting at square one. You've already taken steps to get what you need to do done. We forget to look back at how much progress we have made, and instead see everything in front of us as daunting and we feel, understandably, discouraged. But flip the script on yourself and choose to see where you've been, that way you can say "hey I did that thing and it was hard. Therefore I'm capable of doing hard things. I may not be looking forward to what I have to do, but I know that I am able to learn and work hard and, even if I mess up at first, I'm totally capable of doing this hard because I have done hard things in the past." It will feel weird at first, but practice saying this to yourself, and recognizing your accomplishments, and then you will be better able to encourage yourself forward.
Sarah Z.
To be honest, it is difficult. I tried to get up at 5am every morning to do all the things (yoga, meditation, eating) before working. But until now I could only handle it for 2 weeks. Then I stopped. Now I try to beat this records. I also like to watch crossfits games to see all those people going beyond their limits. This motivates me to keep up.
Teri Z.
I try to focus on the positive of every outcome. When I don't want to workout, I focus on how I will feel afterward and that motivates me. When I want to eat something really unhealthy, something that will probably spiral me into a long stretch of unhealthy eating, I focus on how good I feel right now, how grateful I am to feel that way, and it distracts me from wanting do something that will take away from that feeling.
Fil Mon T.
in reality it is not a matter of encouragement, you see, at first I tried to do it because I needed to change myself, later I understood that it was the best decision I could make, some time passed and I like to do it, nowadays I do it because I like it makes my body feel energized from the beginning of the day; the option to do nothing is still there nevertheless I highly doubt that I am willing to go back to waiting for the day to go by without any productive outcome, I don't believe it is a matter of encouragement I believe it is a matter of believing in yourself