How do you motivate yourself to keep going when exercise is difficult or uncomfortable?

Ros Rio P.
1. Play music. Music motivates me.
2. Keep short goals! Something that's easy to start.
3. Always do a warm up. Sheff the body is warmed up, the exercise doesn't seem that difficult.
4. Plan the exercise in advance.
Sean U.
I try and remember why I wanted to do it in the first place. I also set myself mini targets or timings within sessions for example if I have to run/bike for 2more mins for a set or something, I always say to myself it’s only 2mins of your entire life it’s nothing in the scheme of things. Perspective I guess helps me even when I can’t breathe or I’m aching I just think 1more will gain me more & each one of the one mores adds up to a lot
Lory Q.
You could Have a friend come do the exercises whith you,return on some music, maybe watch Ted talk to get you motivated, there are tons of ways to do it, just get creative
Apolo F.
Always have your goals in mind. If you’re working on your body shape, make yourself remember why you started exercising. If you have to do your homework, think about what you’ll be able to do after it’s finished. You will always feel great after checking off a point on your To-Do list!
Ezio S.
That's a good question for me because I lost the habit for a bit and I am starting again. I have four things that work for me. First, I don't do a hard workout straight away when I start again. It's not only hard on your muscles, it's saps your motivation when you look at your workout plan. Instead I build it with a smaller amount of reps that make a difference and build on it daily. Second, I focus on what I want to achieve. If it's getting fitter, I remember how good it will feel to have more energy, the satisfaction of having achieved it etc. Third, I get another person involved. Even if it's just to watch, or make sure I follow the plan. Fourth, I pick a time window that I can almost always meet (don't do it right after a meal though, it's incredibly unhealthy)
Jayden G.
I make mini-goals, for example, if I am trying to walk for 30 min. I tell myself "just 5 more min," again and again until I'm done.
Rebecca O.
Everywhere, in social Media, you can find great people, whos improve his body with a lot of kinds of exercises. I follow some of them, the Best in the way that I believe is better for me: ethical, sostenible, aplicable for my way to live. Theyre example, they are my support, i want to be like them, i want to work like them. Its no easy, but step by step youll growing. If they can do that, you can too.
Faith T.
I focus on what I’m going to do when I’m done.
Whether eating or having a nice shower or bath.
I also visualise a sexier, healthier, fitter and happier version of myself. The new me I will become once I get through the workout.
Maddison R.
I don't know is the right answer. It's a roller coaster. I want to quit quite a bit. Then I'll talk myself into quitting. Then I normally think of some quicker way to still achieve the goal or think of my family. Those things normally start me back to being motivated. Then I just do the dang thing and afterwards I'm really happy I overcame that
Billy G.
Focus on how good you feel after exercising. And take it one small step at a time even if it’s slow progress it’s still progress!
Gui Q.
I have a pic of BTS jimin on my phone. He looks at me and if I need some motivation I look at him if needed I also think of Roman reigns t0!
El A O.
When exercise gets difficult, I motivate myself to keep going by setting small goals. For example, if I am running, I will commit to doing another half mile or another 5 minutes. When I reach that goal, I’ll set another small goal to keep pushing myself. I’ll do this until I complete the planned exercise or until my body tells me that I have done all I can for now, and then consider my exercise session complete.
Valmira W.
I do something that I enjoy that is physical but not so demanding that I get discouraged. It is important to match your exercise to your current abilities and level of mobility. I do yoga, which is very low impact but requires strength, balance, and a clear mind. It's not necessary to go into yoga already possessing these things, as the practice itself will slowly build them into you.
Est Ban Y.
I look back at the results and it helps keep me motivated! When I see the pounds fall off and me looking better everyday, it keeps me going.
Ruben N.
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…. half of the battle is your mind telling you “I can’t” even if your body says “I can”. Find your mantra and repeat until the exercise is done.
Daniel W.
I think about the benefits of it. Usually I don't want to work out because I'm tired but having a good workout usually leaves me feeling better afterward.
Nick F.
It's been very hot here in Southern California the last few weeks and it's taken everything in me to get up early to beat the heat! I usually reward myself after with a nice dip in the pool or a cool down healthy smoothie. Rewards that aren't full of fat and calories can be awesome motivators. Maybe promise yourself a pedicure or a soak in the bath if you're in need of healthful rewards that don't include overindulging. Don't want to defeat the purpose of the exercise with high calorie rewards. And don't be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or can't go as far. As long as you're trying to get at it at the same time each day, that's what helps build the habit. Don't worry if it's five miles or just one… Be proud of yourself for making it happen!
Diane Q.
I keep saying its not impossible and i can do it come on 3 more and i will be proud of what i did while if i stop the exercise now i will regret it.
Roswita Z.
I often struggle but I always feel better for having done the exercise. Although it’s hard, the idea of checking it off my to do list makes me feel mentally stronger and physically able to achieve more. Good luck and believe in yourself! Tx
Paige Z.
I have a motto I apply to most things. "Motivate your mind and your body will follow." I repeat this n breathe and push through it.
Jonas Y.
If it’s difficult, I try to focus on positive results and positive self-talk. I also always try to pick something I enjoy doing so that even if it is difficult, it still seems fun. If it’s painful though, I stop. There’s no need for injuries.
Sander Z.
I tell myself that i will feel so much better and energized after exercising, and if i don’t exercise i’ll regret it later. Wearing my workout clothes also motivates me a lot.
Vanessa W.
I take a little time the night before to think about what I will want to do the next morning. I found a free 7-minute at-home workout on the BetterMen app. This is perfect because I can just follow that routine, without equipment, in my bedroom. I have also tried laying out my gym clothes on my bedroom floor, and this has also been helpful. Allowing myself to do small and easy exercise is probably the most important.
Barbara E.
I remember my why. Life is defined by two types of people, The ordinary and the extraordinary. The ordinary quit, the bottom is too crowded! I am extraordinary! I belong on the top! Nothing worth having ever came from sleeping on the job. Do what is hard so your life will result in easier living. Do today what others will not so that tomorrow you will have what others do not! Remember that. Stay hungry for success.
Elsa Z.
I remind myself that the pain and the difficulty is temporary. I think about my long term goal of running a 5k and repeat "i can do this" over and over. I picture myself crossing a finish line in celebration and it gives me all the motivation i need.
Albert U.
It’s uncomfortable and hard now, but imagine in a few months or years it will be a warm up. Also modify when it gets hard. Modification is better than giving up and you are still working. Picture your end goal. That helps when it’s hard.
R Mi T.
I make very small goals or break exercise up in chunks like, I will just walk for 10 minutes. I can do anything for 10 minutes. I’d that for a few days till it got easier and thEn increased by 1-2 min and so on. My current cardio is to do 3 min interval incline walking. 2min at 10-12 incline at 2.5 mphand 1 min at 13-15 incline at 3.0 mph for 1 min. I do this for 20-30 most days. The short intervals makes it go by quicker and I know that if it’s hard, I only have to do 1 min, 2 min or 1 set more. Good luck. You can do it !
Jackson Q.
I think about why I'm excercising. Whether it's for your health, for work, for your kids, there's a specific reason you want to exercise. Keep it in mind in everything you do, your exercises and your eating habits.
Peter J.
I just think of that feeling I will get at the end knowing I didn’t give up and I beat the urge. It makes me feel like I can cope and conquer challenges that Face me. I just have to think of it in small achievable sections rather than the big challenge I face.
Jules O.
Exercise should never be uncomfortable to the point it builds up dread or dislike of it. You want to make it a positive experience, so make sure you are setting achievable goals gor yourself. I find I have good days and days where stuff feels harder. I listen to my body and push myself where I can but allow myself to take breaks where I need it. Then as you find yourself able to do more or get stronger it is exciting to see what you can do. Also! Positive and compassionate self talk is crucial!! Saying "I can't do this" or "I suck at this" makes the whole things less fun. So try daying "this is impressive of me" or "I am so badass" or "when I am 80 I will be so glad I did this and took care of myself"
Joel S.
I remember why I wanted to do it, why I started and what my goals are, it helps to tell a friend who will ask you have you exercised today and we remind you. I have also found that reading a book or watching a video that I find interesting can make something really hard feel like nothing at all. I hope this helps and that you will reach your goal!
Berta Q.
MUSIC!! Definitely, anytime exercise is hard, put on some music. Even if exercise is easy, put on music. Anything will do, as long as it makes you feel happier. Happy music makes happy me, which makes the exercise not seem so difficult.
I personally love putting on F.N.T by Semisonic, and just dancing around my room. Or the soundtrack for the Greatest Showman, which is super energetic and always gets me moving.
Whatever you groove to, just make sure it’s upbeat and gets you feeling good. Then just feel the music and either dance your way or go for a light jog.
Hope this helps!
Nathaniel S.
I motivate myself to keep on going my having a picture in my mind of what fitness goal I want to get to and reminding myself that I’m not a quitter and that I’m not ever going to be.
Stella N.
To be honest, motivation is such a hard thing to control… because so many things can de-motivate is. I think the best option is to build a routine, a “bare minimum” if you will, that you can do every single day, no matter what, mine is walking at least 90 minutes a day.. on days where I have minimal time, I split it up into many short walks, or I wake up an hour early, walk for that hour, and fit the other 30 in at the end if need be. By having a “bare minimum” routine, the days you are able, you can go above and beyond your goals, and the days you can’t, you still have something to celebrate by doing the basic routine!
Graciliano C.
I listen to my body. If an exercise is uncomfortable I mix it up. Some days I'm sore from zumba the day before so I walk or do yoga. I really enjoy going to zumba each week so that's easy to get to after a long day. Maybe you could find something you can look forward to
Nikolaj N.
When I feel like i want to quit, I think about why I started in the first place, and that it's worth it in the end, I tell myself I'm strong enough to handle it.
Norman J.
I look at old photos of myself when I looked great to motivate me to keep going, to be even better. Or look at a dress I'd like to look great in! Such a great reason and feeling.
Aid Q.
I find something that has an element of fun and keeps me interested. I also think about how much better I'll feel afterwards. And doing something is better than nothing!
Rosa Z.
If I’m struggling, I make sure I have music playing that I really like to help me get moving. The right music helps a lot. I also set a time minimum: I say, just do ten minutes (or one mile, or whatever) and see how you feel. If you want to, you can stop after that, but usually I want to keep going. Finally, I pay close attention to how I feel. If I’m in actual pain, and not just tired, I’ll rest. I don’t work to the point of pain.