What do you think is a good exercise?

Emine J.
I am a firm believer that if you do a type of excercise where you do not have fun you will not stick to it! Now, fun doesn't necessarily mean it has to be easy. Physical excercises has to be some what challenging, think of pushing yourself a bit put of the comfort zone so your muscles get stronger, flexible, etc. But at the end of the day you gotta like it, some people really enjoy running, others like me dancing! Some people like doing yoga, others bootcamp, some people really like listening to music while hitting it at the gym (or right now because of the virus, at home) you probably will have to go thru a trial phase were you try different types of excercises before you find the one that sparks some joy. From there you can begin to learn about the science of excersice (strengthening, conditioning, cardio, etc) but I would strongly recommend starting from finding the joy because from there, natural inquiries will arise and you will begin to learn more about movement.
Andrea N.
A good exercise or session is when you feel your body slowly heat up then cool down with sweat dripping down your back, forehead, and chest. Bicycle crunches and jump squats allow you to feel the burn in major muscle groups.
Job Q.
The 7 minutes exercise in the app is amazing. You're giving every muscle the stretch it need. If you're in a hurry, try the 1 minute exercise, you won't feel it. These ones I think are better than a run outside. Less time wasted, less excuses for you.
Valerie E.
Like everything in life, a good exercise is the one that you actually like and enjoy….. I tried so many but I always was getting hurt and I never could keep going more that 10 minutes . So i started to dance …. just randomly picking my favorite songs and just go crazy dancing . I could keep going a whole hour !
Garance Z.
A good exercise is something that feels good, but is also challenging. So it might depend on the person what good exercise is for him or her. I’ve just started with fitness again, for me just 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer is already a workout.
Julianne S.
Cycling around your neighborhood is great! It's easy and is a great workout for your legs. I look forward to it every morning.
Camilla Q.
I love running and boxing. I usually follow a routine i built for myself, but i always include workouts for arms, legs and abs. I also really like the planks, side planks or normal planks. But boxing to de-stress and just exercise is great.
Gilbert S.
It all depends on what you're comfortable and capable of doing. Just going for a walk or even doing that yard work in the backyard can be a great way to start your day. A casual bike ride, dancing to your favorite songs, yoga, or doing some planks are also good. If you're a more active person in general, a jog or more intense biking.
David J.
A good exercise is anything that slightly elevated the heart rate and is fun for you. Pick something you enjoy as you’re more likely to repeat it often. Start off small and incrementally add more otherwise you can burn out. After all, one 1 hour work out is less effective than 4-5 20 minute work outs a week.
June J.
Start with a walk. Movement is key. From there starts 5 sets of whichever part or your body you envision ypurself doing well by the end of the month.
Hendrik X.
I do light yoga and recently found to love boxing! I feel like it is everyone's preference for what they want. Sometimes I like to lift weights. Rarely do I do a lot of cardio, but some find that better.
Leslie Y.
Swimming. Its a good celebration exercise and perfect for hot days. Its refreshing when you dont want to exercise at all or have a day off
Evan P.
I think a good exercise is one that can feel like fun while still keeping you moving like cardio or stretching and breathing deeply like yoga. Strength exercises are also good as they energize you a lot.
Caroline Z.
I tho k one that includes movement. It can be 5 minutes or 60 minutes, as long as you move your body, uplift yourself and have the best i te ruins for yourself, that’s all that matters.

You have to be kind to yourself and this is one really great way for self care.

Brennan U.
If you're not a morning person like me and you already get tired by thinking about doing exercise in the morning, try some yoga! Its a perfect way to wake up, to give your body some attention and stretches to start the rest of the day
Lola C.
Yoga, stretching, dancing or even random moves that combine the three is good and can be done anywhere, anytime. The only thing one needs – an open mind.
Lancia R.
I think a great exercise is the standing up elbow to knee annd alternating and doing these in sets of 50 repeated 3 times and is a ab killer and you could add a jump just to make it more intense or add rotation or anything extra to make is more effective to you after these i go to the floor version where u do the same elbow into opposite knee and tightening the core i only have to do 10 before i feel the burn and i do 20 of these 3 times as well and then i move on to booty and do a narrow squat into a wider squat back to a narrow squat and repeat this little circuit for 20 reps 3 times and finally moving on to arms i would just do some arms lifts and fold 20 reps 3 times and this is a whole circuit i do before targeting specific parts in one day i make sure to repeat this whole routine in the morning, evening, afternoon and night time just to work for. The body i deserve also i do change the exercises up. To make them less tense more tense or more weight and alternating so my body doesn't get used to it to much and every week i change my regular routine to keep it fun and exciting that routine was this week enjoy hun x
Ashley Y.
If you are trying to lose weight, HIT workouts or 30 minute cardio is great. If you are looking to get relaxed or refreshed, 30 minute yoga sessions you can find on YouTube are good too. Sun salutations are also a short 10 minute yoga-like stretch to get you awake in the morning.
Ishie N.
Yoga is a really good exercise. You can make a flow, do it fast for a good cardio workout or do it slow for focus and mental health. The practice is not just physical because it transcends [the physical]. You don’t have to be flexible or strong right away, you just have to start… and you’ll be surprised you’re getting better at it! It’s more of accepting who you are and what you can do right at the moment you step on the mat. You are on your own journey, not following another’s.