How can I keep up with my exercise routine while traveling?

Nataka C.
If you need to wake up early maybe rescheduling your sleep could help like going to bed earlier and waking up earlier Thats all i can think of i am sorry i dont have much experience
Adarsh P.
Whether you're traveling by car, train or plane, work travel can force you to sit for long periods, which isn't good for your health. To fit some physical activity into your travel days, wear your walking or running shoes. If you're traveling by plane and time permits or you encounter a delay, stroll through the airport terminal rather than sitting at the gate. When traveling by train, walk through the cars occasionally. If you're driving, take breaks to get out and stretch.
Omri F.
Plan ahead, if you know it’ll be less comfortable then do a smaller workout in an earlier time so that it feels as close to comfortable as it is at home.
Hope N.
maybe when travelling try to keep moving explore things, go for walks and if ur in a car or plane try and stretch,you can’t rlly workout on a plane but maybe in a car stop somewhere do in the sport jogging stretch your legs
N Ris E.
To keep up with your exercise routine while traveling, you should set a reminder (on a time that you're free) on fabulous, to remind you to do your workout. Also, you should avoid jank food.
Elena N.
Exercise whenever you have time٫ if you are busy try having shorter exercise routine at least but dont feel guilty if you dont exercise it happens to everyone
Nathalie Z.
Honestly, the important thing is to keep moving and put on an alert that will remind you to reward yourself after, like playing an amazing song for 2 minutes and taking a breather to focus on yourself. If your exercise routine entails the gym or something similar, and traveling makes it hard to do the same type of exercise, enjoy your travels while getting in some fun experiential activities offered by the new place (ie: hiking, walks, yoga practices at the park, swimming, etc.) get creative while taking in a new culture and environment. If it’s a safe Location, walk everywhere instead of taking buses, subways, Uber, Lyft, etc. get moving!
Alexander N.
I travel back and forth a lot and a change in environment can be both good and challenging for exercise. I recommend doing some yoga, or some small exercises like squats, jumping jacks, plank, ect. these things can all be done in a small space and don’t require any equipment. Find what fits right for you!
Naja P.
I’m order to keep up with your exercise routine while travelling, I think that if you use any small equipment to bring it with you and if you use bigger equipment (e.g. treadmill) you can go to a gym near you or whoever you would like to go and do it every day or however many days you exercise per week. Hope this helps!
Christian P.
Do something small and where you do not need any equipment for. Dance when getting up, or take a small walk in the morning. You'll stay in the routine of moving every morning and can easier continue your daily exercise when back home
Magi N.
You could take walks or go running. I am on vacation right now and I go for a lot of walks and sometimes run on the beach. If there is a beach where you are at, try to go for a run there in the morning! It will make you more energetic trough out your day.
Cristina Z.
Small steps is best way to go. Draw inspiration from the place you are in. And since you are already on the move, shake it a bit.
Veronica Y.
Stay at hotels with gyms. Pack lightweight weights like 1, 3, or 5 lbs. Do HIIT routines. Walk or run. Swim if there's a pool. Go early when less crowded. Body, floor, and yoga exercises. Keep good apps on your phone with videos.
Megan N.
Go on daily walks to explore the area! Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym or using weights your could do a body weight workout on the beach or just a 30min stroll anything is better than nothing. If you really want then you could even pack some resistance bands easy light and don’t take up too much room 🤍
Whisper V.
Make a "dance like nobody is watching" playlist on your phone, bring a couple of 1-lb objects to act as free weights, stop by parks and just run around like a playful child, explore the sights on foot, take the stairs, bring a bicycle/skateboard or sport ball of some kind if you can, find a class on a video app to follow along with, and most of all don't let "perfect" prevent "good enough."
Shirlene C.
If you are travelling continously it's better to take a break while u are travelling or just doing light exercise when u wake up is fine. If u are staying in a place for sometime, take some take out for working out after you wake up, 10 mins is more then enough. GOOD LUCK!
Victoria Z.
You can simply takes walks maybe at an outdoor mall u can use your hotel's gym or do a simple at home no jumping workout (there are plenty of no jumping workouts on youtube).
Daniella C.
I think u can modify the exercises u are doing to the equipment u'll have on the trip. Or u could simply change the exercise itself, a walk in a different park or practice yoga with a new view should be enough to make u feel great 😁😁😁