How do you motivate yourself to exercise each day?

Kiara T.
I don't, i just do it .. plus i am so sick of my old version and I don't want to be a loser my entire life, so it's time to change
Mathilda U.
Pick my favorite active outfit. Put it in the side of my bed one night before.
Just like in your recommendations

Other thing is that is doesn’t matter you I just do 10 min or 2 hours. For me it’s a must do exercise to awake my muscles and legs

Minnie Z.
I don't motivate it's just I want to do ,, everybody want to look better however they look they just want to be a little bit more better, be in shape you prefer or be healthy . Don't go scientifically but think of that satisfaction you get after exercising . Don't you want to be proud of yourself. Eat healthy and exercise,, it really makes you feel energetic I swear . Most of us like sweets and jf but replace it with some fruit ,,the feeling of replacing sweets with fruits is what makes you feel to make a good move next time too , hope you add exercise in your schedule sincerely. Listen to I'm alive- Celine Dion ☺️