What excites you to exercise?

Alberto T.
The main reason I exercise is to become more fit, and that excites me to go to the gym. I have always been motivated for the gym but for a little bit of time, I was not feeling up to working out. That was the worst decision of my life, it made me
realize why I am so motivated.
Mathias Z.
Well, school is starting soon and I’m trying to get in shape for badminton because I don’t want to be the only girl that’s not capable of doing push-ups, so the thought of badminton excites me to exercise.
Heather N.
I have 2 days on the week to take a bus and to take advantage to walk, I down two blocks or more after to work and after my house, depent of Fatigue of the day
Marie Y.
Being able to move freely and without pain to play with my daughter. To be healthy and live knowing I'm doing my best to take care of myself.
Duane Z.
The feeling of being powerful and strong. Having the accomplishment at the end and gaining energy to push through the rest of the day. Using the running as a way to relax and think. I get excited to have my music pump me up and to look good. Maybe if I look good with a matching outfit and my new headphones I’ll be more likely to run because I’ll fully feel good about myself!
Janet U.
What excites me is knowing that I am taking steps to actively improve myself. I intentionally set my standards a little low, so tat when I surpass them I’m pleasantly surprised. This is just a little mind game I like to play with myself.
Felix Z.
Really thinking into the future motivates me. Think: When I am done exercising, I will feel refreshed. I will be healthier and thinner. I will feel amazing 😉
Isaiah Q.
The feeling you get after exercising it's what excites me, the adrenaline and relax, knowing that I'm starting to have the control of myself
Kurt J.
Listening to audiobooks wherever I go and also exploring the city where I am at the moment. It excites me that I can learn new things about my town or that I can go to the place I have never been.
Delores Z.
Mostly the fun of the activity itself. For example, I am a rock climber so I enjoy climbing. However, if you don’t particularly enjoy any form of exercise, you can try pairing excerise with something you do enjoy, like listening to an audiobook or your favorite music or exercising with a friend. If it is impossible to make the workout itself more fun, than you can always remember the endorphin rush you get after excerising.
Carlos U.
Mostly that it will improve my health and give me less to worry about but also looking great and hot and feeling great about myself
Jeppe C.
I’ve found that more than anything else I do exercise makes me feel happy and sane. There are a lot of things in my life that I can’t control. I can control the time I take for myself to exercise everyday
Alex Z.
Im always excited to exercise. But If I had to pick something it would be simply knowing that I will feel better after exercising
Valentin T.
Music, the feeling of being light loose and full of energy. Exercise loosens the joints muscles bones and any tightness in your body, it also gets your blood pumping as endorphins are released – giving you a super boost!
Sharon F.
I find the hardest bit of exercising is getting started. For me, my driving force comes in grouch my dog. Together, we love going out for walks and exploring new places. Weekdays are tricky because we can’t go places due to work so the walls are pretty same-y. Weekends, however, on at least one day, we aim to go to a new place for a few hours.
Marion N.
The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a workout properly. The burn and ache of my sore muscles the day after. And the results: feeling more energetic, being able to walk faster and longer, seeing my body change, feeling my mind changing and becoming stronger.
Noah Y.
I’ve been using a gym tracker app to log my progress every time I train. Seeing my strength build up definitely motivates me to hit the gym more regularly.
Randall S.
Feeling strong! Before I started really exercising regularly, I felt pretty weak and tired. I doubted myself and my capabilities at most things. Once I started exercising, it was a whole new world. My body feels stronger. My mind feels stronger. I can do more things without feeling tired and run down. I have more fun! I am not limited by my body giving up because it’s tired, so I can keep on going, dancing, hiking, chasing my kid… it’s like giving myself a gift every time I put on my workout gear.
Elijah J.
What excites me right now is being able to track my exercises. I love begin able to look back at my watch and see the data
Swetlana U.
Sometimes when I am not so active and eat more food I don’t feel so good so it feels like I need some exercises. Sometimes I overthink too much and when I do some sports like exercise or hiking or biking it helps me and I feel more relaxed. And after I do some sport/excercise I feel better.
Daniel Z.
The fun of getting active, being a software debeloper means i am sitting on my desk for a great while of my time, so having that 10m window to do something that sweats me and keep me active boosts my levels of concentration majorly and keeps me healthy
I love taking 10m a dat to stretch in the afternoon and it’s greatly recommended by lots of aoftware engineers to keep ur posture correct and avoid lots of nasty things that makes u ill or in abad shape
Ana R.
Nothing. LOL. But since I know it is good for me and will help me get in shape and lose weight and launch my happy endorphins, I’m doing it. Team sports REALLY excite me but right now I am so overweight and out of shape that I don’t seek that participation out but I am on my way and soon I will be saying “everything excites me to exercise!”
Regina S.
Music, most of the time. Specifically getting to exercise to awesome music. Sometimes, if I've been in pain or notice certain muscles starting to lose strength, then the thought of "fixing" that makes me want to exercise.
Mattie Z.
I suggest you start with the 1-10 minutes exercises, first thing in the morning. The required boost for active metabolism, excitement feeling and happiness.
Estelle C.
A reward. That is something that will motivate you to keep going, because you know that all your hard work is not in vain. There is something to look forward to.
Julie Z.
Feeling the improvement compared to the day before. What you commit pays off in more strength and mental capacity in the everyday life