What kind of exercise do you do in the morning?

Sarah T.
At this point in my journey I believe in any exercise is better than no exercise so I check in with myself in the morning and do a workout that feels like the right one to do. Some days that's cardio, others strength and others yoga
Herminia U.
Dancing to my favourite songs. They rev me up! Making a playlist during the day also makes me look forward to it in the morning.
Ricky S.
Stretches, some Tai chi movements (10 reps of each), some morning yoga flow (downward dog to plank to cobra and back), cat and cow. It’s a mix I’ve come up with to soften and awaken my body. Seems to be doing the trick so far 🙂
Gladys N.
Right now we are in a family challenge! We each set a goal for the end of the the month. This month it is sit ups. My goal is to do 20 proper sit ups by the end of the month. So every morning we spend a few minutes trying to do better than the previous morning. It's o ly the 5th and I am at 10. So hopefully I can surpass my goal by at least 1.
Ed C.
Usually yoga or light Pilates first thing, saving my proper workout for later in the day. In pre-Covid times I also had a brisk walk to the bus, but now I just do a few squats, lunges and arm reaches or hip circles on the balcony to get some fresh air.
Sole Q.
The first thing I do when I wake up, it’s stretch (I follow a rutine) and then I do minimum exercise. But a combined set, legs, arms, core. Afterwards, I stretch again. That way I start the day being energized but not tired. My main exercise is done in the afternoon.
Francisco Q.
Usually I do some form of yoga. However, some days I’m feeling particularly anxious when I first wake up, and that’s when I’ll just do something quick to rid myself of my nervous energy.
For instance, this morning I did a little stretch to warm up my back and arms. Then I did a quick round of jumping jacks, lunges, pushups, and crunches. Might not have taken me any longer than 5 minutes to complete, but I already feel infinitely better.
Jeanne Z.
Stretching and yoga. I want to gradually increase flexibility and in the mornings I need a quick, gentle, non-sweaty way of getting the blood-flowing and energy high.
Angelica O.
I had starting using a training app called SWEAT in October last year. I stopped using it in March/April so I used this time to start it again from the beginning.
Penny S.
Usually a little yoga, or a little 8min practice here on fabulous if I feel extremely fit and active. Yoga is great for longer or shorter practices, please check it out if you havent
Nathan Y.
I did the 7 minute intense workout of the app.
After breakfast I ran for 30 minutes and than I was streching.
After that I did 13 minutes v muscle workout.
Mathew T.
I don't do any exercise in the morning but I do the 7 min workout in the afternoon, see Lucy Wyndham's video . It's really effective