How can one stick with a positive routine in environments that aren’t in your control?

Titouan O.
As much as possible, bring it under control! Either space based…or move to a place where u can have control n others interfere lesser…or a time when others/other things interfere lesser…….have to prioritize this somehow n make it happen! Plan ahead and get things done! Too many of us fail to plan is what I feel!
Leslie P.
The most important part of the routine is your decision to keep it. There are some days that we just can’t control the environment, people, amount of sleep, or even our own mood! But if you made the commitment to a routine, all of those things are just excuses not to do it. And an excuse is just a challenge waiting to be beat! Get fired up about what it is you want and go for it no matter what gets thrown in your way!
Alma F.
I like approach it in different ways.
– if you think your new goal/routine will be disrupted by things outside your controle do not pick it as your routine. Because you will prove yourself right and not succeed. Like planning on doing a yoga routine while you know you also have to take care of a toddler.
– but also do not let one day of a disrupted routine influence your whole routine. Pick it up the next day and don’t dwell on that one day that was outside your control. Like your baby waking up earlier than usual so you couldn’t finish your morning routine.
– and also be honest with yourself. Sometimes you label things as outside your control that are in reality in your control but just not your favourite thing to change. Like getting out of bed earlier to make time for breakfast. If you didn’t feel the benefit yet of your new routine it will be hard to change an old routine that feels good at that moment but might not be good for you in the long run.
– and last, make sure someone else knows about the importance of your routine. If something outside your control happens they might be able to intervene so you could do your routine anyway.
Nicole Z.
You can never control your environment, only yourself therefore, you control yourself through your positive routines in your uncontrollable environment and honestly, after a while, your environment will start to change. Everything begins with you.
Jesse Q.
Make shortcuts! I don’t have time to exercise during the day, therefore I get up an hour early to MAKE time for it. I rarely have time for a proper breakfast, but I always have time for healthy, nutritious snacks in my bag so I never skip breakfast even when I’m on the run!
Vera X.
Just try to do your best and don't give up. Sometimes the best things come out of the most difficult times. I'm speaking from my own experience.
Charlotte E.
Visualize what you will do in situations when you are tempted.
Make yourself accountable to someone.
Bring someone into the environment to support you.
Larry P.
A great quote I am integrating into my thinking….. from Cy Wakeman: “circumstances are not what stops us from succeeding but the reality in which we must succeed.” You might need to think about creative compromises or make sure to carve out time for you. Best of luck!
Marinice T.
The only thing you can truly do is focus on what you can control as well as finding a manageable solution. Modifying your routine is still okay. Forward momentum no matter how slow is still forward momentum.
Kristin Z.
Sometimes can delay a bit, not too much, but sometimes is very good Golden Minute Technique … if can be done in one minute, do it
M Lissa T.
Go for a walk To not get into the argument. Fight with yourself to stay positive taking walk does good/ alsoyou Read something inspirational if you have anything to change your mood
Soan Q.
Start smal, focus on one thing at a time. Work hard for short period of time, tgen start and rest, then start again. Focus on the positive.
Paul F.
It’s all about your mindset. It doesn’t matter what happens outside your control it’s how you view it and how you respond to it.
Ola C.
I think it’s important to accept that one cannot always have the best surrounding environment so it is important to be at peace with the matter. You can’t control it, so control what you can, which how you choose to make use of that environment, as long as your mind is a peaceful environment, your surrounding environment won’t really matter.💛
Mille C.
I think that the most important thing to remember is that you can only control your own actions. You will never be able to fully control your surrounding environment – but you CAN control your Reactions. I tend to overthink things and then completely displace my original intention. This is why I won’t delve further – just remember – you control YOU.