Do you eat to work out, or work out to eat?

Sandro Z.
Honestly, neighter. These two concepts acts separately. When I eat I don't think that it's to workout or vice versa, I eat because i know nutrition is key to a healthy life, accompagnated to working out or not.
Zdravko G.
I eat to work out. I don't like the idea of having to 'earn' my food. Like, I need food to keep me alive and I think the whole concept of like…almost punishing myself with exercise to compensate for what I eat is just…. I find it kinda scary and depressing. I'd much rather enjoy my food and use it as the fuel it is to stay active and encourage a healthier attitude about exercising
S Lvia F.
I Eat to work out because it gives me more energy during my workouts and it Makes me feel okay about eating more throughout the day.
Nicoline W.
I've done neither, I think. I think of them so separately that it's hard for me to really answer that question either way
Brigitta F.
I'm not 100% sure what you mean….but I would say eat to be able to workout. Food gives us energy to be able to work out. W.o eating you might feel weak or tired and unable to exercise. Hope I helped . ✌💕
Kristina U.
I do both because they are necessary to feel my best. My body needs fuel and my body needs movement and these are not tired together for me.
Marcus S.
I actually eat to work out, i enjoy both eating and working out however i am craving to have a better body image
So for now i prioritize working more than eating

Mathilde S.
Eat to work out! (please translate it) Nunca pense que você precisa treinar para gastar o que comeu, você precisa comer para gastar no treino. Priorize sempre comidas saudáveis, fibras e proteínas, mas quando tiver vontade de doce, não se restrinja! Você precisa de 80% da dieta na semana para bons resultados, não se esqueça!
L A Y.
I Mac not focusing on food for exercise, I just eat when I am hungry, I exercise a little bit and I also try to eat healthy but when I am not hungry, I will just not eat. Of course I will eat later but not for the exercise
Carl N.
I eat to work out. I don’t eat something, then calculate how much exercise I need to do to negate the amount of calories I’ve just eaten
Cathy T.
Why not both? It's okay to indulge as a reward every so often. Or better yet, train yourself to indulge in healthy things as a reward for the gym. Personally I love eating out at Chipotle as a reward.
Peter F.
This a ridiculous and reductive question and if any actual person asked it, I’m sad about their long term health outlook. If a computer asked it, the algorithm is very very wrong and this is a terrible message to put out to this app’s users.
Kyle B.
Neither. I nourish my body to feel energetic, prevent illness and because it’s delicious. Working out for the first two and because I like feeling physically strong and flexible so I can move with ease.
Mia T.
I find that for me enjoying the food along with exercising is the way to go. I do my best to make a healthy meal plan that include tasty recipes as well as exercise. I find that when I just eat for fuel, it isn’t something I can maintain for very long as the food may become monotonous or boring for me. By following a healthy meal plan that doesn’t restrict you from certain foods I am less likely to binge on things I shouldn’t. This also provides me with sustenance I need to continue working out on a almost a daily basis.
Yolanda P.
Good question. the real answer is that we eat to live. Exercise burns a lot of calories. After exercising, you feel that you have permission to eat large amounts of food. which is not good
August G.
I'd say I definitely do both. I love food and cooking, but I am also quite health conscious and aware that treating food as fuel is important especially in a sport context.
Anne F.
What a strange question. I eat because I adore food, I work out because it makes me feel great. I think you need to value each for what they are rather than doing one for the sake of the other.
Mari S.
I actually fuel my body with optimum nutrition so I have both strength and stamina to work out using my own quick Yoga form.
Asta G.
I workout because for me working out is take the stress of the day away also my body get more healthy and I can keep my life active
Luis U.
Personally I find working out in order to eat can lead to negative thoughts and bad habits of not eating enough or not feeling like you should eat if you dont work out . Rather I want to focus on eating to work out, this makes the association more positive. Instead of limiting yourself it puts more of a focus on fueling your body with the right food in order to work out. This leads to better food habits generally healthier choices because it pushes you to think of food more as fuel for your workout rather than an treat you get for working out.
Erhardt X.
Eat something small then workout. I work out first thing in the morning. So I wouldn't have eaten in 8+ hours. So working out before I eat just wouldn't go well.
Marie N.
I work out to eat right now, because I’m trying to lose weight. Ultimately, i’d Like to get to the point where I was eating to fuel my body.
Abigail E.
I mostly work out to eat. After a workout, I feel like I deserve something tasty to eat. If I didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the food I love because I would feel guilty for being lazy and gaining weight.
Romane E.
Depends on how big of a breakfast I have. It's I'm not really hungry that day so I just eat a small handful of nuts I eat first, if I sit down and eat eggs and toast or a bowl of cereal then I exercise first
Isabella W.
I do not eat to workout as I am not trying to build a muscle or participate in body building. I do not workout to eat more as that would become a job or a work that has to be accomplished to enjoy my food. Rather, I workout to enjoy the little success, feel good about myself, feel refreshed and be ready to face the day ahead of me. I eat because I enjoy the food, I am mindful of what I eat but do not count calories there and balance to burn it out during my workout. Both are different activities to be enjoyed and experienced.
Giovana Q.
I eat to get energy, not for working out, but for my body. This question is not okay, I think the person asking might have anorexia or something.
Tammy O.
I work out to eat. I often wish it was the other way round but it’s not. That why I need to run further today then I did yesterday! Good luck and gentle hugs
Sebastian Z.
I don't think I really do either, but I also don't/can't do a big work out generally anyways. When I think about it, I guess I would technically work out to eat, but that mindset can be kind of toxic if you focus on it too much (like "once I do 50 crunches, then I'll let myself have that slice of cake"). What I try to do is just balance my meals (lots of veggies/fruit, good quality carbs/protiens, etc.), and let myself have a treat when I need it. When I "work out", I focus on doing what I can/pushing myself a bit, instead of thinking "how many calories do I need to burn".

I guess my overall answer to this is working out and the food I eat are directly related in my head. Logically, I know they are, but when I'm doing one, I'm not thinking about how the other is/will be impacted.