What is a simple physical exercise that I can do at home as a part of my morning routine?

Kristen F.
I do yoga in the morning. I started with shorter yoga sessions. I do try to keep active during the day, but yoga is a great way to get the blood flowing and it relly does wake me up without tiring me out.
Leonora Q.
It is good to start with meditation for 10 minutes. Then some warmup exercises, abs and legs. This is a quick and best to begin with.
Tatiana F.
Bodyweight Squats. Slowly build up the number of repetitions every week until you’re doing 100-200 a day easily. Working the largest muscle group in the body does wonders for the rest of your body and cardiovascular strength.
Sebastian C.
I do yoga right in my room when I wake up! I don’t even have a mat I just do light stretching on my carpet and downward dog. It gets my morning off to a great start!
Rosemary A.
Go on a quick walk, even if it's just between two points in your house, push yourself to take the stairs a little quicker, or walk a little faster.
Ava E.
I always do a roughly ten minute stretching session. Very light physical activity but it wakes up your body and feels nice and relaxing. Gives me some time to reflect on what I want to do with my day as well
Rosa C.
Walking is a very simple physical exercise. I do it every morning because you are not doing anything harsh but you are getting a you muscles are moving and your blood flowing try it and just listen to some music. Have fun!
Emeline P.
Well, as a basic warm-up, you can start by doing jumping jacks with increasing speed for half a minute in order to increase your heartbeat. Then, you can do different variations of pushups in 10 rep sets in order to target different parts of your body and at the end always remember to stretch your muscles in order to get the best results.