How intense should the daily workout be? Can it be yoga one day and running the next?

Stephanie A.
Absolutely! As long as you don't hurt yourself; you get your heart racing some; and you enjoy what you do to keep you coming back doing it!
Loan Z.
Well if you're beginner not too intense cause your muscles are not used to workout, I think it's best to go slow then as the days are moving forward you can go higher, I would recommend maybe walking after a day of yoga and then running. But it's all really how you think your body works and then adjust to your body and your lifestyle
Candria P.
It can be as intense as you want it and as you listen to your body. There will be days when you can give it your all. Then there will be days you should just rest or do simple stretching.
Savanna Z.
Well it depends on yourself. Listen to your body – if the reason you cant get yourself to do the morning one is because you're too tired – possibly your body can't handle it

If you're feeling fine in the morning but just don't have the motivation- then you're afternoon workout isn't enough.

If it's the case of the second – find some external motivation as it sounds to me like you're struggling with internal motivation. So with that ask a friend/family member to join you do your morning workout. Sleep in your workout clothes so you're already dressed for it when you wake up.
Maybe even try making a form of a vision board and sticking it in a place that it's the first thing you see when you wake up making you want to workout more.

But most importantly- have fun! When it becomes too much of chore (meaning every day not just one or two) stop. Dial back and restart again!


Wendy I.
Definitely! I think the most important is to listen to our body. And since then you will know what and how much workout is good for you. For example, I try to go running 3 times at week, the days in between I try to do some yoga or other routines. Some days I go running one day, do yoga next day, and at the end of my job I workout with short routines like 15 or 20 min in different parts of my body, like one day arms, other day legs, and so on. I just to follow on IG or TikTok with simple workout routines and that works for me. I hope it helps you.
Baleine O.
I think your daily workout should be first of all comfortable, and should be something that motivates you.
If you like the routine, doing the same workout everyday go on, if you’re the opposite and get bored easily, it’s good to alternate exercises. But the priority is to be comfortable in what you’re doing. Love ya <3