What exercise do you do daily?

Ernestine N.
Push-ups. If i'm not in the mood, i'm tricking the brain into doing ONE push-up. By the time i geton the ground, the brain already know we'll push. I have successfully reached 50 push-ups per set.

Christian P.
Cardio and strength training. Mostly focusing on lifting weights right now. A have a program I follow breaks it down. Lots of different exercises. Like power cleans, bicep curls, bench press, squats, pull ups, tricep dips you know. I always try and get a least some cardio in. Usually running if I'm up for it. But if my back is hurting… Cuz treadmills can be kind of hard on your lower back… I'll do a light bike, or some Kung Fu shadow boxing. I need to do more yoga.

William X.
I take a 20.mimute walk to work and back. It's great as it gives me good exercise, good thinking time and time to disconnect /reconnect with work.

Marsha S.
Yoga. I use an app called Daily Yoga, which I love because it also has challenges and a very nice community. I've to say I'm in love with Yoga, is a very complete routine and beyond that, is a way of life.

Munir Q.
I dance to the music of my favourite group. They have their own choreography, so I just copy them until I know the whole dance.

Deanna O.
I have a dog, so I make sure every single morning after I wake up, i walk him for at least 15-20 minutes so he releases energy and I can get moving right away.

Kiara E.
I run daily. I chose running because it is so easy to start, all you need are a pair of good running shoes and maybe a device to listen music on. There are many running apps available for download which help both beginners and professionals train. I use Couch to 5K, which was developed by Great Britain’s National Health Service.

Lylou Y.
I like walking as it gives me time to be in the moment and unpack my thoughts. I will attempt jogging at a later time. But for now walking

Judith Z.
I walk my dog every day 2km. I also practice yoga but that is not quite a daily habit…I sense it will become an integral part of my life that will be as important as drinking water in the morning. I also XC ski often and will probably XC ski 400km this winter. Again not daily but definitely weekly. My daily Fabulous 8 minute exercises vary as I do yoga, walk pup or do the workout on this app.

Anna Z.
Yoga, or else walking. I find it's much better to do something pretty easy consistently, rather than push hard and then fall off the wagon at the first obstacle.

Marius W.
I do a light, 15-minute yoga warm-up of sun A’s and sun B’s, followed by Egoscue exercises to balance out my body. The most important step is just making space for you to get on your mat every morning

Ludwig X.
I decided to follow up on my interest in taiji and I’ve learned the 24short form. It takes about 10-15 min to do Bc I’m still learning. Sometimes just a few yoga moves.

Potira I.
I’m an avid cyclist which means that most days if I’m not biking outside (road biking in the warmer months and fat biking in the colder ones), I’m biking on my indoor trainer. Both types are pretty intense. My partner is as well and he has been doing it a lot longer than I and has been a great coach and teacher. It’s been such a learning curve. Before that I ran 10km three times a week and did core-strength trainer on another three. Now I am trying to reincorporate some form of core-strength training almost everyday from as little as a 10 minute ab session to over an hour of full body work. This is new to my partner so it’s a push to get him to join me.

Genesis C.
I try to switch up my workout routine so I don’t complete the same exercise everyday. The workout I choose to do more consistently than others is yoga. It’s great for the mind and body.

Ethan S.
Right now Ive been working out at orange theory fitness which is a hiit workout . I workout 5-7 times a week . I take a rest when my body indicates it needs it . I also sometimes do boxing , running , pilates yoga or just at home workouts . When I get a chance to fly to the pacific I love to surf . Only thing I dont do is weightlifting since musclebuilding isnt why I exercise.

I exercise to free my mind of stress , Kickstart productivity , release my skin of toxins and of course keep my measurements down .

Lino Q.
I am an athlete and a college student, I stopped athletics for the year. It had been a while sense I had been to the gym but last week I began working out five days a week doing yoga two of the five days. This was not too large of a goal for myself it seems just right for me to push myself and be rewarded in a month once I have remained dedicated.