How do you retain your focus during meditation?

Kaylynn F.
If a thought comes to my mind, I acknowledge it, and then let it leave my mind. Just try to focus on your breathing most of the time.
Tristan U.
so when I started my habits were in in this order : drink water, eat breakfast and exercise.. but I find it difficult to do exercise after breakfast as it not sit with me well and I have processed it yet… so should I wait like an hour after breakfast or do the exercise first and then have breakfast?
Christoffer W.
One way is to focus on mentally repeating the phrase "Breathing in, I know I am breathing in. Breathing out, I know I am breathing out," while noticing all the many parts of your body changing direction during each part (lungs, tummy, throat, nose, etc). With a lot of things to focus on, there won't be room for other stuff.

The other way is to not focus on anything in particular and just imagine that you're sitting quietly on a beach. Expect thoughts and distractions to come, because they will. But when they do, imagine that they are boats, in motion, sailing across in front of you. They are there, so notice them when they appear, but don't get on the boats or get up, just stay sitting where you are on the beach (mentally) and allow yourself to notice them and them and then they will continue on and watch them recede and stay where you are. If you feel emotions, imagine they are waves rising and falling. You can still meditate with thoughts and emotions, it's normal, just be removed from them and treat them as temporary and stay rooted.

Libby Q.
First, I make sure that I have established an object of focus, such as my breath, a pebble or the sounds that occur. Second, I place my attention on the selected object and allow my mind to rest on/with the object. Third, I become mindful of my attention (where is my attention right now?). Every time I discover my attention is anywhere but the chosen object, I gently return to the object and relax my mind to stay there. When the time is up, I’m done!