How do you convince yourself to go work out even when you don’t feel like it?

Gulsum F.
I choose easiest way to work out. Like yoga. Also Iistening music helps. I remind myself that it is only 8 minutes not even 10. So I finish when time is up which makes it easy to do it everyday without getting bored of it. Most importantly I dont want to break the chain.
Noame I.
I just tell myself I have to do at least one minute to tick off the habit and often once I’ve started I want to continue, so I do.
Eddie J.
This is going to sound like a bad answer but the answer is you don't convince yourself. The key is making it so that you don't have to think about the action of going to the gym. If you think about going to the gym then your mind is going to come up with reasons or excuses especially if you do not feel like going. The best solution is to decide the day before that you're going to the gym the next day and set out your gym attire so that there is nothing stopping you from going other than your mind. This is why going to the gym in the morning is a lot easier. When you wake up and your gym shoes/clothes are right at where you get up from bed, it is hard for your groggy mind to say no to the gym. Try doing this and when you wake up you put the clothes on. This puts you 90% ready for the gym and the last 10% is leaving the house. The mind works well against things it doesn't want to do when you add convenience and a level of automation where the mind can't get to the reasons why you do not want to do the task.
Rowan T.
I like to think of it as it will only take a small amount of time and I'm gonna feel so much better afterwards as I achieved something that's going to make me healthier and feel better about my self in the long run.
Wendy F.
I make a point in moving, even if its not a full on work out. Sometimes a walk will do; the important thing is to feel that you took up the challenge. You will be proud of your effort and that will reinforce your desire to continue the next day.
Sophie T.
I feel like now I've been doing my morning routine, exercise has been engrained in my system now and to not do 10 minutes of exercise in the morning seems strange! I'd say pick a workout that suits you and do it, I love 10 minute workouts because they are only short bursts of exercise and I feel the full effect afterwards, rather than slugging it for hours – who knows, one day id love to go to the gym/exercise for over an hour but I know that I'm taking baby steps at the minute, as you should too!
Emma W.
I assume a dream body which I can get by doing daily exercise.. So everyday I remember that, then I get confidence and strength to start an exercise, even if I don't want to do it,, that makes me believe me even more
Мария Бельская N.
I just know that if I don’t do this I will fill exousted and anxious during whole day, and actually I feel good if I do what I love.
I think it's better to do something through force than to regret that you didn't do it all your remaining time. rest should be after work, if no goals and objectives have been fulfilled, then from what do you actually rest?
Angela E.
Well for me, I don't have a nice family, so I think while there are days work won't be good, it could be worse with my family. With that and the fact that I'm earning money to save, this reason is icing on the cake.
C Lian O.
Have a reward in place for afterwards, maybe a sweet or something. I just think about the benefits later down the line to keep myself motivated.
Natasha Q.
Sometimes it can be difficult or all the time infact. I tend to make it carve a time in the day for it and put the excercise item in a place I would normally be or prep for excercise by wearing the clothes etc. I struggle with it as well but I start out small routines so it's not too bad and make it realistic.
Janet T.
I recognize that afterwards I tend to feel more energized and there are a ton of health benefits associated with exercising! Good music also helps.
Terrance F.
Well usually I have friends embarking on this journey with me and we all motivate each other. But if you don’t have that then just tell yourself that after just one hour you will already feel healthier and better about yourself. After a solid 2 weeks of working out I feel 2x more confident than before I started working out. If you are really tired or too sore just 20 minutes of yoga with some sort of boost is enough.
Yon U.
Thinking about my future, like if I didn't do that I will regret, so when I feel like I don't wanna work or study, I think about what will happen if I didn't do this work right now