What do you think of Fabulous?

Ewen Q.
Fabulous is a kind of app that help people with their different types of problems with they can't have a better version of the life or just change their daily routine. So I think it's pretty helpful and I like its ways to work with us.
Angelo Z.
Eu penso que é um ótimo app. Apesar de eu ter baixado ele recentemente ele tem me ajudado a manter hábitos saúdaveis aos quais eu tinha uma certa dificuldade em realizar. Eu realmente aprecio isso.
Her Dia Q.
I like it a lot. As a person who have autism this app really helps me rememebr trivial things to "regular" (nt) people, such as brushing my teeth, take a shower, eat and drink water. I like that i can add my own tasks, tho the app itself is very… FULL, which i like less but is probably helpful for other usets
Liva W.
Its helping me so much and my life feels so much more organised and finally in a routine I honestly owe so much to this app