Due to my busy life I play for an hour over the weekends only. But other days I cycle for 3 km and walk near one kilometre. Is that okay for the minimum activity? Suggest something which I can do along with my everyday Life!

Norma P.
I think it is! Do something that makes you happy. If this makes you happy then it's good. You need to excercise exactly the amount that makes you content with your physical condition.
Isabella G.
Yeah I guess. I don't know exactly. Anything is always better than nothing. Depends ends on what your goals are and what you are working on. For me I acknowledge that I need to give myself time to set goals and achieve those goals without falling short due to effort or time. So some days when I'm not on the ball, I just do one of the suggested routines. They are short enough for me to squeeze in, and I know I can get through it if I commit to do it. So far it's just been the 4 minute ab one which is perfect for me. I can knock it out and accomplish my goal. It feels good. Other days I have a longer routine that I have to really push through. But again it's the right challenge for myself so it's great.
Debbie E.
All these habits of exercise are already healthy because you do them daily. Perhaps you can cycle to work / school just differently : faster & on a higher distance. The intensity of the workout can change the way these habits work out for you. And getting a friend going along with you to the same place every day could provide more distance to ride & intensity in the exercise. I would also suggest to always go up buildings by the stairs, forgetting the elevator is healthy too.
Josefine Z.
It depends on your goals. The bare minimum requirement for cardiovascular health is 20minutes of moderate intensity cardio workouts 3-5 times a week. I would definitely incorporate some strength training 2-3 times a week included because strong muscles will help you stay strong (duh!), prevent injury, correct imbalances, and of course correct posture as well! A holistic fitness approach is where it’s at. I am a certified personal trainer and a registered nurse in case you need my credentials haha!
Annette J.
Hi there. I am no expert in physical activity, but as far as I know, doing a little exercise on random days is not enough. I know life is busy, but squeezing 10 or 15 extra minutes every day seems better for an exercise routine.
Elgar Q.
This is a good start. There is continuous effort to keep active in the way you can. You could add on meditation and consuming more liquid to a healthy you
Aaron F.
I try to do 10 minutes of yoga in the morning – it's usually a choice between the snooze button, reading emails or doing this. So it gives me more energy to do yoga – even if I don't like getting out of bed!
Valdemar W.
These are already good, but if you want something that you can do every single day and build on it, I recommend pushups or squats. You can start with 3 and increase in time. It will give you the boost in the morning and in time you can actually observe the difference.
Lija Q.
You’re doing great 👍keep doing what you can…
💬 To anyone going through a tough time where you literally can’t find the time to do anything for yourself, because family is life and that’s all you have time for right now, that’s ok, it will get better, you will find time for you again🙏🏻 But in the meantime, do your body a favour and at least focus on good nutrition, keeping hydrated with water and get good quality sleep🙌🏻 Stay on top of these essentials so you have the energy to power on and when you can, pop outside for a walk 🏃‍♀️in the fresh air to get your body moving and your headspace right, because you are important and you need love and care too🖤Stay happy and healthy friends🖤💕♥️💕🙏
Dwight O.
I think you're doing great! There are ways in which you can add more activity time. Find ways to walk more during the day – even in your office. Stand up and move and stretch several times a day.
Andrew E.
Whether it’s ok for the minimum activity or not really depends on you and your fitness/activity level. I say that 1km is better than 0km, so it’s already a win. But if you find that you should be doing something else (like I have a tendency of spending hours reading a book or binging series in the weekend), maybe you should increase to let’s say, an extra kilometer? An extra km doesn’t take that much extra time, and you can even divide it into different times of day. 1 in the morning and 1 right after work. Also, it really depends on what your goal is with your activity.
Constance Y.
I believe that’s planty of work. It’s great that exercising is already on your daily routine. For me I do some yoga in my morning routine before starting my day, so I can warm up my body and release excessive thoughts that I wake up with. And later in the evening after work I do some cardio exercise to energize my body to finish my day. But I’m pretty sure you’re doing great. Keep going 🙂
Hugh O.
I feel that is the perfect amount for minimum activity, it good movement. If you can do an extra 5-10 mins every day, I would create a little morning exercise ritual, you can use the apps 4-minute ab crunch and go about your day! Do the 7-minute workout or in days where you are very crunched in time do the 1-minute get me moving. This will get your blood flowing, your heart rate up and oxygen moving through your body! Adds a little extra sparkle in your day. Try it out and see how you feel! Do it 3 times this week to start off! 🙂
Lois T.
If you want to lose weight,it's not enough,I recommend you use some fit apps like Keep to guide you to achieve your fitness goal .
Teresa T.
I walk every day, either outside, in my neighborhood, or on a treadmill, watching a TV thriller program, or listening to a thriller audiobook.
Harry C.
I think that is an excellent amount of activity. As far as a suggestion to add to your everyday life, you could add something other than cardio! This is just a suggestion, but a yoga break may help you in more ways than one on days you cannot manage a walk or cycling. 🙂 hope this helps!
Alfredo R.
Try the fabulous exercise of 7 days its good for u u need to find at least 10 minutes in the morning to work out. Work for your self before working for others
Gabrielle S.
I see you are doing great .. for me i do some yoga in the morning and started with sun salutation exercises you can find it in make me fabulous section.. you can make some poses for 5 minuets 😊😊 good luck
Vicki O.
I was told yesterday about the Tabata method (to exercise). It is a peculiar method where you alternate 20 seconds of exercise at the maximum strength with 10 seconds – if I remember correctly- of recover. It is designed to be highly effective but last only 4-8 minutes.. the might help 😉
Delmar E.
It is a little on the low side. Take stairs as much as possible, cycle a bit more, clean the house or garden, try to reach the 10k steps each day etc.
Timothee Z.
Instead of asking us, perhaps you could ask your body that question. If you are feeling healthy & vital after all your activities, then you are set. If your body tells you that you can go further because you have got a plateau, then go for it. Otherwise, keep doing what is pleasurable & healthy for you, considering your busy life. We know our bodies the best. 😊
Janet F.
Try to take a routine exercise everyday and I must be consistent and persistence so I can achieve more fabulous things in my life
Amalie Z.
if you sit down for work then I would say no this is not enough. I cycle to work 10km each way.
I’d suggest a Fitbit or some kind of wearable device and try to slowly increase steps until you get to the recommended 10,000. Park further away or get off public transport a stop early. Walk around the block while you wait at the coffee shop. Use a wireless headset and stand up and walk around during phone meetings. Walk somewhere different at lunch each day and delay eating your lunch until a later break
My grandmother was born in 1901 and I remember her walking 10km to visit her friend in 1978
Randall Z.
In my opinion that is enough activity but with your busy life that is a bit too much. I have a busy life as well. I would try maybe parking a few streets away from your work so you can get some exercise in or maybe decrease the distance of walking and cycling you do.
Samuel F.
Vigorous dancing! Even after a 13-hour workday, I can still play inspiring, bouncy music, and get myself moving. I dance while I cook dinner, bouncing on my toes, loosening up my joints; and I step out into the hall or living room while the water is boiling, or the microwave is going, to really bounce and step and stretch and squat. It may sound unusual, but this is a great way to get the heart rate up. I feel it especially in my leg muscles. And the best part is that it activates my endorphins, burns off stress of the day, and boosts my energy just enough that I'm not a lump on the couch for the rest of the evening. Another great resource I turn to is yoga — I can do some yoga stretches even at a desk. Taking 5 minutes before bedtime to do a few stretches is really beneficial. On my days off, like you, I engage in more targeted exercise. But really, any way we can get moving every day is a good thing!
Zada G.
It is dat from enough quote frankly. Maybe you can wake up 10 minutes earlier and do the 7 minutes workout. Or Just 10 push ups.
Take the stairs when you can.
Use lunch break for a stroll.
Buy a fitness hoolahoop and do it for 5 min a Day.
Claude E.
I am sure it is. I am not an expert but sound good. Regarding everyday activities, park as far as you can, walk extra in the shopping mall maybe at lunchtime or do what work for me, have a treadmill beside my bed with close and shoes ready and do it first thing in the mood
Melissa T.
I am loving my yoga routine I have. I am on day 12 of doing it every day and I am loving it. It gives my a workout and mental time to reflect on myself.
Clara Z.
I think that is plenty! But if you are looking to switch it up, try mixing in some body weight exercises. Studies show strength training reduces your risk of Alzheimer's and dementia, so it might be worth working in.
Lylou E.
You can always add like a 10 min home workout. I vary between abs, yoga, legs, arms, etc. There's tons of videos on YouTube
Amanda O.
It's better than no activity! I suggest time managing a way you can ride your bike to do an errand before you eat a big meal. Sometimes I 5 miles to a store and back only eating a banana with a couple tbl spoons of peanut butter and I was energized and burning clean fuel. Then you could eat a moderate lunch with a full-course meal (besides dessert) for dinner! I've went from 215 to 172 lbs by biking everywhere, working out at a gym for 45min – 2hrs, and making an effort to eat better!
Alison E.
You got me beat. I’m just beginning to exercise and have not come to consistency by any means. It seems I am at the gym. Hiking I find the drive takes too long to get there. Walking in the neighborhood bores me. Today I’m going to try just turning on the radio and dad said I would go by length of time you spend walking good 20 minutes might do it
Miri P.
It’s fine. I suggest you just do just 5-10 minutes a day until you’ve done at least 40 days in a row. Then you can increase. Training yourself not to skip is the most valuable thing here.
Patrick O.
I think you do more than the minimum activity, wich is great !!! What i can suggest you what works for me is if i have at least 1 hour free time , ill use it for a 30 min HIIT – HIgh Intensive Interval Training and after that strech cool down 🙂