Do you incorporate strength training into your routine?

Danna N.
I don’t, my fitness goal doesn’t require using strength training. Yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, if you would like to add it go ahead! A routine is just something that is a collection of habits that work for your lifestyle. If this is something you want to add to your routine, do it. But keep in mind, if this can’t make it into your routine, it’s for a reason. You might have to make a few sacrifices for making this a habit. I sacrificed sleep, by going to sleep earlier & sleeping earlier.

Jeffrey U.
I prefer to obtain peace than hyperactive energy from my training, so I manage to add an adequate dose of strength training everyday, not to be exhausted but to be more tranquil at the end.

Silje A.
I try to increase my strength both physically and mentally. Firstly, increasing my fitness level through different ways (e.g. biking, stretching, or body weight workouts and so on) such that I am strengthening my body to be able to move easily. Secondly, through the process of following routine(s) (i.e. morning, afternoon and so on), I am building confidence and hence strengthening myself mentally to be able to complete tasks consistently. So, in a way I am including “strength training” in my day to day routines.