What active things can I do that can be an exercise? But alternative exercises, not workouts or dance.

Carl P.
If nothing else, I take meetings and phone calls while walking. I also walk the dog at least once a day—usually twice—for a little over a mile. I try to park farther away at stores. Most days I get 10k steps this way.

Siegrun Y.
Running up the stairs or walking quickly or skipping steps, exercises/stretches while you have nothing to do for 5 mind or are lying wide awake in bed and just walking

Calla Y.
Hmm well I think doing errands around the house or outside maybe if you live close to shops and stuff and u need to go there you should walk there if not drive there but walk store to store I think that can count you are moving getting steps in and you will feel tired at the end of the day from running around doing stuff. And it’s a really good way complete stuff