How many times a week do you regularly workout?

Melisa B.
7 days a week! Some days I go really hard and target the full body, some days I switch between back/legs one day and core/arms the next day, and lastly, some days I just do a 30 minute full body stretch.

Today I’m going to do a full body stretch and then run stairs!

Dawn P.
Entirely depends on what you class as a workout. I live on the third floor so I make it a mission of mine to leave my flat everyday for whatever reason – I try to go for an hour walk everyday. It’s great for my mental health and walking up 3 flights of stairs is great too
Frank Michael X.
I regularly work out 4 times a week, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Friday. The reason for the long break between Monday and Friday is so I can get back on track on Saturday to perform a consistent workout time and routine.
Amanda F.
I workout everyday and that gives me more focussness,more stability towards my studies ,also that is beneficial for all and in any type of work ,it helps.