Do you change your exercises or do the same thing every day? If you change, do you have a scheme for week or something like that?

Pablo Z.
I change my exercises everyday. For example, Mondays are for shoulder exercises whilst Tuesdays focus on triceps and so on.
Cornelia O.
I used to go to the gym and have a PT so it would be varied everyday but it’s been almost a year since I have been out of the gym and have been working out on and off. I wanted to build a consistent habit which led me to Fabulous, I have been starting small. I have a big exam coming up in a few weeks so although it has been hard keeping up the habit, I just do a little bit of light stretching and jump rope everyday. It’s been good.
Pragya N.
i have noticed that whenever i follow a YouTube playlist for workout, i usually get demotivated (probably not the right word) after some days. But when i follow my own workout routine, which is same for all 6-7 days, i have been able to follow it for much longer. I add a few reps of some tougher exercise when i feel like i can go harder. So yeah, it's same.