What are the most peppy and motivating songs you would suggest working out to? I am quite sluggish in the mornings and use music to motivate me first thing when half my brain is still asleep.

Hriyar N.
I want to recommend a song to you.
I am from Azerbaijan and it is azerbaijani song.
I hope you will like it 🙂

Wladimir F.
My go to songs when it comes to boosting your energy and waking up your brain are the following": "Head and Heart" by Joel Corry, "That's my girl" from 5H and "Turn it up" by TWICE.

Will E.
I listen to podcasts more than music for morning motivation. There is always an abundance of content, and usually I can listen to new episodes from my favorite creators. People who make me smile and laugh get me out of bed on the right side every morning. I find waking up to music can become a drag, almost like an alarm clock, when it becomes repetitive / expected.

Cecilie X.
Eye of the tiger, have it all …hard rock makes me want to do stuff and sometime openings from anime makes me feel good too

Klaas X.
Happy from despicable me soundtrack
Shake it off – Taylor Swift
Dynamite – BTS
can't stop the feeling – JT
Where have you been – RiRi
Hey mama – BEP
Rock the casbah – the clash
Radioactive – Rita Ora
Move – Little mix
On the floor – JLo
1thing – amerie
Bootylicious – destiny's Child
Applause – lady gaga
Don't go – tax
Fireball – Pitbull
Footloose – Kenny loggins
Blow – ed Sheeran
Physical – dual lipa

Samantha T.
Yoga, dance, walking, it also depends on what your morning schedule is like! If you have kids then do it an hour before they wake up. I have found that if I do it with the kids it can be fun also but doing it by yourself is great too that way you can push yourself a little more! Good luck and I hope this helps!