Best stretch for lower back?

Elisa T.
I like the basic forward bend at the waist and just let my arms hanging while I take a few long slow deep breaths relaxing further with each exhalation. I can feel the tension ease in my lower back and I slowly roll back up feeling each vertebra continuing breathing deeply and releasing the tension as I slowly stand up straight and take a few more slow deep breaths.

Emma W.
Some yoga poses really help: start with the Sun Salutation x3. Go to Cow Pose then Downward Facing Dog, switch between them for 4 times. Go to Cat Pose then Snake Pose, switch between them for 4 times. Finish off with resting in Child pose. Slowly get up and get going!

Valeska X.
Sit on the floor, both legs next to each other and try to catch your toes with your fingers. Like this i’m going very deep and I really can stretch my lower back

Dagmar F.
I think the best lower back stretch is the cobra pose or even doing a bridge, but I am not sure whether everyone can do that, so start with the cobra and then you can try something else.

Benjamin W.
Hello, have you try planks? For me they were the best solution, also a good exercise to value time and meditate, concentrate and learn about your body!!! I also do some sun saludation from yoga 🙂 I hope it works for you

Nanna W.
Everything is connected to everything. So I've found a video to stretch the hip flexer. When muscles are tight they pull awkwardly on the bones and tendons. They inturn move to accommodate. Stretching out loosens up the muscles and then we can stand with correct posture and optimal blood flow!

Fabiane P.
Chair yoga is the best for loosening lower back muscles. I personally love doing chair yoga for my back, especially after being at the desk for quite a while. To relieve the pain of a lower back muscle cramp, I do a few minutes of the Child Pose or lay down in Corpse Pose on a hard surface with my tailbone pointed towards my feet (flatten my back arch).

Xen Crates F.
The best stretch for me is to lie down face up, knees bent, and keeping the left foot flat on the floor place the right ankle on the left knee and pull that knee towards the chest. Clasp your hands behind your left thigh and breathe and hold. Then switch. After that, I put both of my feet flat on the floor and let my knees fall together to the left, head turned to the right, right arm to the side. Breathe and hold, then switch.

Jessie S.
Knee hug is a good one. Lay on the floor and bend your knees up towards your chest. Cat pose is also good. Your hamstrings and hip flexors might also be tight and pulling on your lower back, so try to stretch those as well.

Victor P.
This is what works for me. Always consult before doing exercises especially if you have any health/back issues.
Stand with feet apart. Raise arms, hands together, over head and gently arc backwards. Hold 7-10 seconds. Relax. Repeat 2-3 time.

Margaux P.
Child's pose as in Yoga… Stretching your arms and hands away from your body and curving the lower back. That Works for me!

Alfred W.
A simple forward fold in yoga and the variations of it! You don’t know how tight you are until you start to lengthen that way 😎

Marsha E.
Weird timing with this question because I’m having some lower back pain. I’ve been trying some different stretches to alleviate the pain. So far child’s pose feels the best. Also using an exercise ball to roll back on seems to help.

Rebekka O.
The best stretch for lower back is cat-cow. Get on your hands and knees, both about shoulder width apart and begin with a neutral back- which simply means a flat back. Inhale , turn your head to look up and arch your back so your shoulders and bottom stick up in the air and your belly is closer to the ground (like a cat would stretch after a nap). Exhale and curl your back in the opposite direction, tucking your belly in and turning your head to look down (the cow portion of the stretch). I personally find that the cow portion is the most relieving for my lower back as I tend to overarch my back while sitting at my desk all day.
Hope it works for you!