How do you keep yourself motivated in the first few weeks where you can’t really see the difference despite putting in the effort?

Emilie F.
By knowing that you’re still doing something to create a positive change. Even if the results feel minimal or hardly there you’re still pushing for a change that will come.

Alice T.
Remember the journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step, and you eat an elephant 1 bite at a time. You have to start somewhere, once you keep going you'll feel it & see it

Rodney Z.
Bc i want to do some thing in my life, i want to live without stress i want to have better live, having habits cuz if i dont heva my days gonna be just days im not gonna even know wich day is it i want to plan every thing so i should get habbits and fabulous help with it , i just wanna comlete the habbits like a game , but is you really really want than you got it…

S Ra P.
Making it cute and aesthetic helps me make the habit more enjoyable. So for drinking water in the morning I use my favorite mug for the breakfast I make it look insta worthy and for the workouts I put on now ce workout clothes:))