Is it better to exercise right away in the morning?

Thomas S.
Yes as it is hard to exercise later on due to the busy day. Though sometimes you have to exercise in the evening instead.
Ma Ly O.
I personally don't exercise right away in the mornings, as I find myself stiff. So I stretch and drink my water, prepare my breakfast and basically wake up a bit before I do my exercise.
Tracey W.
For me, I stretch, brush my teeth and drink some water before I exercise in the mornings. I get really dehydrated so I find getting a little bit of water in me at first is a good idea. I wouldn’t eat before and I find it useful to do as soon as I can because I feel less sleepy and more alert afterwards
Kelly C.
I find it important to have my glass of water first thing and then go straight to exercising, and create a habit by following the Same routine every morning. I take one day off a week and on the next day I go to the gym to change it up! Working so far for me by just making it a routine!
Norman Y.
Yes it is, because you start to feel more good and have a lot of energy for all day. And the exercises bring happy vibes.
Joyce Y.
I do believe that it is better to exercise right awa in the morning for many reasons.
1. You get it out of the way and are not thinking about how after tou leave work you have to do it.
2. Gives you great energy for the day.
3. Makes you feel accomplished.
4. You can brag about it. All day long.
5. Eating breakfast after working out is the best!
Krzesimir B.
For me it's better, because I usually don't have any excuses not to do it. After work I'm often tired, or have some other things to do. In the morning I have some free time to exercise and it gives me energy and good mood for the rest of the day!
Agostinho P.
Yes, if you build the habit in the morning you will easily be exercising every day. Also will power is like a muscle…it will be depleted by the end of the day. It will be 10 times harder to exercise in the afternoon
Breanne X.
Yes because it makes me feel good about myself after I’m done. If I put it off till evening I’m more likely not to push myself as hard.
Ayalyn I.
No, i realized it consumes me a lot of time in the morning. After breakfast, i have to wait and rest so that i can exercise. After exercising thats the only time i can shower. I realized it's better if i will exercise in the evening.
Jossu U.
As I need to go for a walk with my dog every morning, I have noticed it wakes me up and gives me energy. So I would say yes, it is better to exercise in the morning. Also, if you do your workout in the morning you have rest of the day to do other things 🙂
Samira A.
I find it easier to get up and have a quick breakfast and head to a class or go for a run. As its harder to procrastinate. Rather than later in the day you may feel tired etc. Also it sets you up for a positive start to the day.