Do you count exercise just for attempting but not completing due to interruption?

Tati N.
Yes I do! The thought was there and even one minute is greater than none. You have to be kind and appreciate all your effort, no matter how minimal it seems.

Nitish X.
No, i dont think I count exercise when i do not complete it. Sometimes i do count exercises when i have completed major portion of the exercise and not the last 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I dont do cool down exercises. Because of laziness or i am always in hurry to run back home.

Beatriz F.
Depending of how further I am into the exercise. If I'm interrupted in the last 15 min of a 60 min it's a yes, if I'm interrupted in the first 5 min? No

Terry R.
I believe that you should just count it because if you are interrupted you can still do that exercise again the next time you exercise