How do you motivate yourself to not skip a day of exercise?

Isabella Y.
For me I never beat myself up if I miss it. Just make sure that other habits don’t skip at the same time. You simply have to draw upon the spirit and energy from others who are ahead of you.
Right now I’m drawing upon and from a former star of the 49ers, jerry Rice. He still works out every day and posts about it. If he can what he’s doing I can surely get 10 – 20 mins in too. That’s my motivation
Corey Y.
When it becomes a matter of routine, motivation isn’t necessary – it’s just something you do. Like brushing your teeth or getting dressed before you leave the house. When you’re just starting out, maybe that is the motivator. If you skip today, you slow or stop the momentum that is getting you to that point where it is routine. Keep the morning exercise simple and something you can do a soon as you get out of bed. I hop on a stationary bike for example.
Hans W.
It may seem counterproductive, but honestly instagram keeps me motivated. I created an account just for fitness, I aim to post on it regularly and keep it as motivational as possible. I only follow inspirational quotes and other fitnessss accounts. On my less motivated days I just scroll for awhile and I'm pumped! I actually have to be careful not to scroll it too much in bed etc because I'll get pumped in the middle of the night. Having a posting schedule and telling your followers your plan helps keep you accountable. I hate letting them down!
Antoine Q.
The difference between me with excersise and me without makes it a no Brainerd 🙂 But that's just me. I do push ups, which really makes me energetic, like drinking coffee but even better. So I guess find your routine that makes you energized, perhaps you will become addicted like I did. Good luck
Miguel U.
The discomfort from a workout lapse is not worth the 15-30 minutes to get it done. Also, I have created ways to curtail my full workout on the days I lack time or motivation. Something is ALWAYS better than nothing.
Eva W.
My desire of changing in so big that I think this is the biggest motivation. It's also nice to take care of myself and to have more energy for doing things…
Mia U.
I'm tired of being fat!!! I'm tired of looking at myself and not being confident with who is looking back. I'm tired of always going to the one piece section. I'm tired of being tired!!!
Marvin S.
I have a couple strategies.
1- I keep my work out bag visible and handy. Making sure it is ready to go in the morning is key so that I can take it with me and stop on the way home.
2 – I reward myself for every 5 consecutive days with a small treat (can be a new workout shirt, a smoothie or even a massage)
3 -the most important thing after all of that – if I miss a day I don’t beat myself up. Acknowledge , analyze (how can I do better?), and then move on.
Hope that helps. I am not perfect but happy to share if it helps
Ethel F.
I actually don't know. I feel tired in the morning so I don't
feel like exercising. I think if I can wake up not feeling so tired, I can probably do some exercise.
Debbie Y.
I do things that serve as my "me time" which makes me excited to do it. Things like volleyball and sports are fun, competitive ways to stay fit while having a whole team to keep you accountable. Additionally, having a buddy to go with you to things you dont like doing helps a lot!
Mesaque B.
I don't. You have to make it a habit – once you are in the habit you WILL do it most days, but don't beat yourself up if you don't – I plan to run at least 5 out of 7 days and rest/do something else if I don't and on off days. Also once you are in the habit for a while you start to feel the difference and this is quite addictive and IS the motivation. Perseverance is important as you may have to give it multi goes before you get in the habit. Hope that helps and good luck.
Mille B.
Put reminders on your phone, force it into something you do everyday, keeping it fun and exciting… I hope this helped ~ Wolfygalyt
Gudula I.
I have chosen a flexible routine that lets me do more if I am feeling especially ambitious and less if I’m feeling poorly. Knowing I can do something simple means I don’t have any excuse for doing nothing.
Sofia O.
You don’t get the reward without the work. If you regularly skip your exercise, you don’t get what you actually want to get out of it. You just do something you don’t like sometimes for no benefit to yourself at that point. I’m motivated to keep going by the promise of a return on that work, and because I stick with it I do actually see that return over time.

But I do skip a day sometimes, when I’m really not feeling up to it. The kinds of days where working out hard is just going to make me feel worse. I think it’s also important to forgive yourself for those days when they’re the exception.

Wyatt I.
The thought that if I slip a day, the next day will be harder. So even if I don’t feel well or if I am tired, I try to do a part of my exercise routine and anything that doesn’t get done throughout the week, I need to catch up during the weekend.
Roberta F.
It makes me feel good after and I do what I enjoy so it’s not a ‘chore’ it’s part of the fun things I do. If I don’t want to go I won’t, that helps make to not make it compulsory
Silje W.
I basically need it after doing some work in the morning. It's a good thing for me to change scenary a bit after starting a new activity, so exercise is that.
Frederick Z.
My motivation to exercise again today was remembering how great and energized I felt after exercising the day before.

I thought about the amazing feeling, and started my exercise routine for the day.

Karla C.
I tell myself just to do any movement at all, even if it is just a portion of what I normally do. Just don’t skip it! 🙂 The important thing is, keep moving! 🙂
Julian Q.
Knowing that after the work out I feel better. It’s about that I did it not how much I did. If I just did 10 push-ups i’m satisfied. I also go to the gym or go for a run in the evening, that way the excercise in the morning doesn’t feel like the excercise of the day. It feels more like my morning routine.
Tommy T.
Firstly I complete my first 2 habits (drinking water and eating a good breakfast) then that just motivates me to complete my exercise habit as I’ve already completed my first two! I also make sure my yoga mat is rolled out in my room so I don’t even have to think about it when I start my at home workout/stretching!!
Radmila S.
Start small first and have a goal. I started with 5 push ups and that’s it. Everyday I increased by 1 and tracked it. Now I’m on a streak doing 2 sets of 15 push ups, 30 sit ups, weight exercises, etc. This does a couple of things mentally. The starting small helped lessen the excuse making. 5 is not that hard. Nowadays, when I don’t feel like exercising or busy, it’s easy to say, at least do your baseline 15 push ups and sit ups. Increasing things by 1 made it a game for me so not looking at it more as a chore. Plus it’s nice to see visually that I’m improving and my goal is to be able to do 100 (current milestone I’m trying to get is 50 push ups a day). I’m a gamer and visual person so these things motivated me. What typically motivates you?
Wania P.
I remind myself that if I skip the excercise I’m going against all the work I have done. I also listen to music to pump myself up and sleep in my gym clothes
Darciana C.
I just remember that it's one of the best parts of my day. I chose biking as a form of exercise and I do it in the morning in the nearby park. Especially now that it's getting spring, the still refreshing cool air, the sun starting to shine, the birds that are singing, the cats, dogs, ducks and other animals that I see, the little flowers starting to bloom, the otherwise peace and quiet that surrounds me fills me up with energy and makes me happy.
If I wanted to skip something that would be the sitting at my desk for long hours that comes after it.
So I think if you don't feel like exercising on a particular day, you could try to change up the type of exercise that you're doing on that day. You can always change back.
You can try biking, rollerskate, squash, trampoline, climbing, hiking, and there are so many other options. Find something that makes you happy on that day.
Jacob W.
I learned that motivation is not a key to start, being motivated is a consequence of starting. So first you gotta make things that helps doing the exercise, like putting your running shoes next to you, or putting some alarm. And then you just start, even if you do some exercise just for 5 minutes, but just start. Count one to five and don’t make excuses, start! Once you start and beat your thoughts, you get motivated.
Olivia W.
I'm thinking I deserve to invest 30-60 minutes in myself. I deserve to take care of myself because when I'm happy, I will make the people around me happy. I also remind myself I will feel better and more in shape after I work out, even for a short 20 minutes session at home. I promised myself I will take care of my body and my mind for at least 30 minutes each day – because I'm an awesome human being and I deserve it! And so are you! <3