Do you enjoy excercising?

Elfi C.
I like exercising more as a form of stress relief and as a fun social activity, I really struggle to use it as a way to start my day. I think the biggest barriers are 1. Getting to the gym (once I’m there I’m into it), and 2. The big motivators that usually get me to working out (mostly stress relief) aren’t there. Morning exercise as a goal is really about giving me more structure and motivation at the start of my day when I work from home.
Anna P.
i enjoy stretching and yoga because it feels good. i enjoy working out because it feels good working my muscles but it gets tiring if the work out is too long or if i have to do it frequently i make it a huge obstacle
Liliane X.
I dont realy like excercising but i dont hate it. I do 50 pushup,50 situp,50 squats, and 50 seconds of plank. I tried to do this everyday i sometimes forgot though. Even though i sometimes forgot form now on ill try to not forget again and do it everyday.