How do I stay motivated to get up in the morning?

Victoria O.
Drink some water, to feel more energized. Then think about what you're going to do today, so you feel motivated to start your day
Jesus X.
First off when you open your eyes take a gentle breathe in and out and look outside. Nature is healing and then start your self care like a nice warm shower. Make sure to use a new scent every 2 weeks to uplift your mood in the shower. 😘
Jon U.
I cant say I've got perfect life changing advice, but what helped me when I didn't want to, was just to set a really really good song as my alarm, and on the other side of the room. Woke up to good vibes, and had to walk over to turn off the alarm. Of course, id end up getting sick of the song, but it was worth it. I'm unsure if you mean motivated in the sense of just getting up early, or in a depressed sense, but this assisted me in the latter situation.
Hil Ria F.
Motivation comes from action, so you need to start doing something in order to be continually motivated to do what you want and need