I’d like a quick yoga session for the morning!!

Sandra E.
'Yoga with Adrienne' on YouTube is really good. She's got a variety of videos. You could even try her 30 day challenge. Hope this helps 🙂
Susan C.
Try Gaiam videos. They are on YouTube and have beginner and advanced videos for anything- energy, flexibility, strength. Rodney Yee is my favorite instructor.
Oona O.
I would indeed love a quick yoga session in the morning, that’s actually what I’m about to do for my morning exercise today. It’s meditative and energizing!
Sundas Z.
How do you force yourself to wake up earlier to add morning exercise to your routine? I don't want to get out of bed until its too late to go to the work. I'd love some morning yoga but couldn't get out of the bed in time.
Basak B.
I believe when it comes to losing fat, you can decide from which part of your body you’ll lose fat. Although you can focus on core or leg/hip exercises, this may not effect your weight as you wish. What I understood, in order to lose weight you should move, eat well and sleep well. I hope this answer helps.
Nga A.
I decided to do short session of yoga in the morning to make it sustainable even on busy day, to keep the momentum going. If I want to do extra, I would do it later in the day. I have been using Down Dog yoga app – which have many features that meet my needs : change the length of session to suit my schedule, type of yoga, what to focus on etc..
Lillian S.
I always use yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. She does some quick sessions 7-20 mins in length depending on what is suitable for you. She makes it fun and relaxing. She also does yoga sessions that target particular parts of the body to really personalise your exercise and makes sure you are moving your body correctly and working within your limits. It’s a great way to start the day.
Lisa P.
Get the app "Downward Dog." They offer a paid membership option, but the free version alone offers 5 different yoga styles to choose from as well as the ability to customize your session to your preference of voice/guidance, difficulty level, pacing, music, and duration of 5 minutes to a full 60 minute session. Just pick your settings and hit "start." Even if you choose the same settings each day, they slightly vary the poses so that every session is slightly unique. Highly, highly recommend 👌
Adira Q.
I enjoy jumping on the trampoline, hiking outside, doing the elliptical, biking outside, and the stationary bike as well.
Patrick J.
Get a good app on your tablet, a quiet and warm place, a good quality yoga mat and start with 9 minutes for beginners. I use the app Downdog.